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Should NATO accept Sweden and Finland as members immediately?

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Yes. For years we tried to get them to join. Now that they have applied for membership we should grant it. Immediately. Whether Putin likes it or not.
@Ryderbike And thanks for pointing this out!
beckyromero · 36-40, F

It's also where a woman literally swam from the United States to Russia many years ago.

And, contrary to the naysayers, shows Sarah Palin was absolutely correct when she said you can see Russia from Alaska.
@beckyromero Yes, but her [i]SNL[/i] recreator/impersonator says it with such fine dumb-assed-ness...

DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Yep! Finland especially. They are right at the border of chaos.
Freeranger · M
Without question, and as soon as is possible. I've been wanting this to happen for some time, so have a lot of others. I recently read that Finland had begun laying down a defensive fence. At least they understand the value of protecting their borders. Here, we are going to have to accomplish it in a more [i]conservative[/i] manner.
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Freeranger · M
@Ferise1 First off, the little Russian tyrant is unhinged. He attacked Ukraine without provocation, and attempted a faux reason which everyone saw through. This was about nothing more than a Russian land grab. So, were I Finland or Sweden, this would make perfect sense, as they'd be protecting their territories.
As history will show, Finland was and is, quite capable of defending itself and I suspect, so is Sweden. Coming under the NATO umbrella is a question of safety and enhancement in the 21st century. Tyrants like Putin only understand one thing....and that is not challenging a country which is prepared and [i]capable[/i] of defending it's sovereignty. That will now be enhanced through a membership with NATO.
The one thing this war in Ukraine has shown, is what a rotting hulk in it's military interior, Russia has become. The Russian bear has been relying on it's growl for years now, to disguise it's continued impotence. What I suspect, is that Putin and his oligarch's have been lining their pockets, by raiding their own treasury. I'd read that Putin himself is worth somewhere around what....200 billion? That money comes from somewhere and I would not surprised if a portion of that comes from it's defense budget.
To be sure, Russia is still a capable threat, but it's war machine is rusty and breaking down, and money that should be spent equipping and training the people who defend her are instead being mown down by the hundreds in Ukraine. It's pathetic quite frankly.

Anyway, my apologizies for such a long-winded reply, but Russia, or more to the point, Putin and his henchmen are an unhinged lot. I think to NOT build a border wall is more irresponsible than to not build one, as current events will show.

We welcome you and need you in our ranks.

Brave Finns & Swedes, we need you standing with NATO, the West. 😊😊😊
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
@SomeMichGuy After the imminent defeat of the russians, the centre of gravity in Europe will be Scandinavia and Eastern Europe (without Hungary).

scholZ and the SPD have abdicated Germany’s leadership role by appeasing putin, as has the appeaser Macron in France.

(although my understanding is that Finland and Sweden might have some issues centred around ice hockey) 😂
@newjaninev2 Germany...*sigh*.

And France has had a long association with Communism and a longer one with Russia...
nuddie · 61-69, M
Ontheroad · M
Absolutely, 100% and do it immediately! Who cares what Putin says - he is nothing but a deflated has been.
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Thank you for BC @IamLife.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
Yes they should.
Elessar · 26-30, M
That'll be a yay from me
Dino11 · M
I think so.
scrood · 31-35
No -- and NATO must expel Turkey IMMEDIATELY
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
@scrood both NATO and the EU need to have a very stern talk with Hungary
scrood · 31-35
@newjaninev2 What makes you suggest that? Don't like fences on borders???? GASP???
newjaninev2 · 56-60, F
@scrood ????
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
why aren't they members already?
scrood · 31-35
@DiegoWolfe Why weren't they members during the COLD WAR? Nuclear annihilation never gets old UNLESS the Greys deactivated all the nukes . . .
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