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Keeping tabs on inflation

Just a few minutes ago I got back from grocery shopping and getting gas (not to be mistaken with getting gassed馃槂).

Groceries for one person for seven days came to $81.31 (75.6 Euros). The only nonfood item was a single 2-liter Diet Pepsi.

Gasoline was $3.59 per gallon or something like .94 Euros per Liter.

How does that stack up with where you are?
Similar. Gasoline is a bit higher here. Fortunately, I don't usually have to drive very far, and I'll be cutting back on groceries to save for other bills.
MarineBob56-60, M
I sell beer $9.00. Per 24 oz can at a concert venue two miles down the road it is three bucks. Every tax wolf wants his cut
@MarineBob And then you have your overhead and that takes another big chunk out of it. That's the thing a lot of people don't see... the real net for a lone operator or small business is a small percentage of gross.
MarineBob56-60, M
@Ontheroad average cost of a top of the. Ending machine is 10k. Hardware and software to sell booze from it another 5 grand educated secretaries are not cheap
@MarineBob I hear you - it's why I shut down my Airbnb business. It was just too much work and too large of an investment for too damn little profit. After about six years I figured I finally broke even.
samueltyler280-89, M
Almost identical. There are some items that seem to have jumped up tremendously, my Italian soda almost doubled in 2 years, while others, cheese, dropped. I don't use gas in my car, but just filled my wife:d at $3.49 a US gallon.
Conversion of 75 Euros to Sterling is about 拢65. I don't spend anywhere near that much per week. Maybe 拢40 in an average week. Current CostCo price for unleaded petrol is 136.9p per litre
hunkalove61-69, M
I spend about $40 a week on food. Mostly I live on brown rice and beans and whatever I can put in it, tuna or diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, celery.
Damn here regular gas is like 3.97.
@SW-User Yeah, this gas thing is crazy and the cost fluctuates wildly from state to state, but we here in the U.S. do tend to have lower prices than many of the industrialized nations.
Last time I gassed up it was $3.79US/gallon. I live alone, buy groceries once a week and usually spend $40-50. I purchase very little meat. I am a hunter and my freezer is stocked with venison.
The other shop, two grocery bags. Food for two people for a week not including snacks I'm gonna buy today and milk during the week, (so it'll be well over $200, with no laundry or bathroom stuff...or coffee)
$181 AUD ...(鈧107)

Just veggies, fruit, meat, milk, bread, ...all the basics.
This is twice as expensive as this time last year .

Petrol per liter : $2.03 (鈧1.20)
@OogieBoogie So, $128 USD for two people. That's actually a bit less than here (in the US). Still, if it's twice what it was a year ago, that's painful. Ours is about 25-30% higher. Not good, but not near the increse you are experiencing.
@Ontheroad so much has doubled .
Your average suburban 3 bedroom house is over half a million now .

I weep for future generations.
@OogieBoogie It used to be relatively inexpensive to buy a home here, but since Covid, we are seeing the same thing... average homes now cost a half million or more and rent has gone crazy too.

The overall cost of living has taken a real beating in the last several years. Most of that is totally unwarranted and comes down to greed.
[quote] Just a few minutes ago I got back from grocery shopping and getting gas (not to be mistaken with getting gassed馃槂). [/quote]

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@LvChris And that's down about $10 from a month or so ago. Nothing fancy either, just basic fruits, veggies, some chicken, eggs, milk, and a few other staples.
About the same here. The telling factor is average wages in contrast to those prices.
@MethDozer Yeah, average hourly wages here run between $9 and $17 for retail sales positions, and salaried it's about $62k per year (about $30 per hour), but the poverty rate is about 25% making less than $28k per year. Unemployment is about 5.9%.

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