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Anniversary of two battles today

April the Second is the anniversary of at least two battles in which the British were successful.
The Battle of Copenhagen, 1801, where Admiral Nelson defeated the Danes. That was the battle where Nelson placed a telescope against his blind eye and claimed not to see his superior officer's signal.
The Battle of Gingindlovu, 1879, where the British Army defeated the Zulus. It's not one of the famous battles, probably because nobody made a film about it and Michael Caine didn't look all heroic. It was important at the time, though.
wonkywinky · 51-55, M
Also the invasion of the Falklands in 1982.
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wonkywinky · 51-55, M
@MandyMitchell At the time i always thought we should have bombed the Argentine naval bases on the mainland.I still dont get why they didnt do that.That would have basically isolated the Falklands garrison from supplies and maybe also air cover if they hit their mainland airfields.Thus saving lots of British lives.
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@wonkywinky I suspect the government wanted to keep the war withing certain boundaries - only on the islands rather than expand operations to the Argentine mainland. Obviously, I don't know really.
gandalf1957 · 61-69, M
With regard to the Falkland and not bombing mainland Argentina, I suspect that not bombing mainland Argentina was the price paid for support from the US Reagan administration that found itself in a difficult position I believe caught between the UK and a South American country.
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@gandalf1957 Could be - it also kept the war focussed in a small area, which suited our very small and much outnumbered strike force
gandalf1957 · 61-69, M
@MandyMitchell It may have been outnumbered but in many instances had more modern equipment, i seem to remember that the General Belgrano was an ex WW2 US naval ship recommissioned by the Argentines
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@gandalf1957 She was indeed - with powerful guns of larger calibre than our wee frigates. Our Harrier jets outmatched anything Argentina had and our Royal Marines, Paras and Guards were better soldiers.
Subsumedpat · 36-40, M
I will never be in charge of a country but if I were, my inner circle would have some of the best historians, so many lessons we don't learn. I read about Gingindlovu, interesting but l guess they though 2 movies was enough. I don't know how accurate it was but I did like the one about Rorke's Drift.
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@Subsumedpat Rorke's Drift was little more than a border skirmish, but after the defeat of Isandhlwana, the British made the most of a successful defence and awarded Victoria Crosses like confetti. The 24th Foot did well though - although nobody sang Men of Harlech!
Adstar · 56-60, M
The process that brings about the rise and the fall of great nations..

“Hard times create strong men,
strong men create good times,
good times create weak men,
and weak men create hard times.”

G. Michael Hopf..
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@Adstar There is a lot of truth in that! We are undoubtedly weak at present and declining fast.
Allelse · 36-40, M
Those Zulus, always up to no good.
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@wonkywinky Indeed; the Zulus gained a high reputation for their bravery - and I think the Sioux crossed to Canada in peace - not sure if that part is correct.
wonkywinky · 51-55, M
@MandyMitchell Not sure about the Sioux,but the army then led a campaign to crush all indian resistance.Like the Zulu they were crushed but they did earn respect.Parallel incidents of hubris.
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@wonkywinky Like the Sikhs in the 1840s. They were and are some of the best soldiers in the world - as we found out the hard way.
Barny52 · 56-60, M
Nelson a true hero, would he have been aboard HMS Victory ?
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@Barny52 Nelson was on HMS Vanguard: here is a list of the British ships and captains at that battle:
Thomas Foley Goliath
James Saumarez Orion
Thomas Gould Audacious
Thomas Louis Minotaur
Henry Darby Bellerophon
Thomas Thompson Leander
Thomas Hardy Mutine ***
Benjamin Hallowell Swiftsure
Samuel Hood Zealous
Ralph Miller Theseus
Edward Berry Vanguard *
John Peyton Defence
George Westcott Majestic
Thomas Troubridge Culloden **
Alexander Ball Alexander
Texuk · 61-69, M
Probably a bit late for Michael to make that film now🤣🤣
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@Texuk maybe - it would probably be seen as racist anyway and the truth would be distorted.
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MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@OogieBoogie The Nile was not imperialistic and the Zulus were in Africa. One should never let history go: one should honour brave men and women, remember their achievements and learn from the mistakes of the past. All empires and powerful nations eventually fall; that's a major lesson of history. The powerful nations of the present will also fade away as Rome did and Britain did.
@MandyMitchellMankind never learns .
MandyMitchell · 80-89, F
@OogieBoogie Unfortunately, that is another lesson of history. We seem doomed to repeat the same cycle of hope, growth, expansion d decline. Politicians and rulers wish to impose their will on others with the inevitable result of suffering and wars. Today's empires, Russia, the USA, China and Iran will flourish briefly and fall. There will be chaos and darkness and others will rise for their temporary spell in the sun.

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