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A looooong time ago, I remember making fun of the tinfoil hatters with the whole microchip conspiracy

Y'know, because microchip implants seemed too far fetched to even be considered a possibility.

But lately I been thinking ....

IF they did start implanting microchips into people for one reason or another,

Then people wouldn't be making fun of them for believing in microchip implants, they'd be making fun of them for refusing to get microchipped 馃

It's basically like: "lol, that will never happen"

*It happens*

Tinfoils : "I told you so"

"Yeah, so?"
TheRascallyOne31-35, M
They don't have to microchip you they just have a microchip in your cell phone
@TheRascallyOne Actually, no, they can't if you take the simplest of precautions. Besides, why would they even bother with someone like me?
TheRascallyOne31-35, M
@Bellatrix2083 You really believe that you really believe that there is anything anybody could do that? The government, the United States government. Could not hack and find out what you are looking at?
TheRascallyOne31-35, M
@Bellatrix2083 I don't know why they would be looking at you specifically probably Because of those missiles you've been ordering off the black market 馃し鈥嶁檪锔
Being chipped does exist. But so far they are RFIDs. They bounce a radio signal. But they don't do anything themselves. And they are still the size of a grain of rice.
The foil hatters level of microchip is literally only achievable through magic. We are talking supercomputer levels of processing, enough connections to influence large areas of the brain, enough storage to fill a large room, successfully communicating with every neuron that it's connected to, not become dislocated no matter how many times or how hard one is hit (unlike actual brain implants) all in a package no bigger than a few angstroms (or 100 millionths of a centimeter) and never deteriorates over a lifetime and has no power source.
That's magic. Not even sci-fi.

But yeah. People like this have existed in all areas like this it's basically throw everything at the wall and only pay attention to the things which confirm your bias and ignore the millions that failed.

You see that with so called prophets a lot. That will make prophecy X about ABCEtc... and all those fail but prophecy Y happens then they jump up and down they were told by god himself. Its called confirmation bias.

The latest I saw was about the fires in Hawaii and talking about God having mercy by sparing one particular church. In my brain I'm like OVER 100 PEOPLE ARE DEAD OR MISSING!!!

But they completely ignored the non-mercy and only paid attention to that which already strengthens their preconceived bias.

People with PTSD will do it as well but it tends to be toward pessimism. So it's not always a positive confirmation bias.

Also I'm completely rambling too. Lol
@Renaci And there are so many of them 馃槱

"what's up with blue stuff not burning"
Nothing, it's the color someone told you to focus on so you ignore the fact that there are plenty of blue objects that burnt down and plenty of objects of various colors not being affected. In fact, majority of roofs of the houses still standing are dark grey or brown.
Some of the videos I listened to were a real brainflush and the comments below even worse.

"Where are 2000 missing children?"
Did you care to look at the map, count the houses, consider how many of them are businesses or non-residential buildings? Do you feel like there are even 2000 children there in schools in total, let alone the missing ones?
There was one local claiming there are in reality maybe around 700 students in total per year and many attend schools in the main island.

But you can't reason with these people. They get their dopamine rush and ego boost from feeling like they know something others don't. Meanwhile they are just parasiting on the misfortune of the victims by hunting for views and likes.

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