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The Far Right Is Already Attacking the Club Q Hero Richard Fierro After tackling the Colorado Shooter.

They're on the shooter's side.

Of course they're mad at the person who stopped it.
The dad of the shooter was shocked at first when he heard his son was involved in an incident at a gay bar. When he was told his son was the shooter, the dad's first reaction was a sigh of relief that his son wasn't just hanging out in a gay bar. 馃う

He later also condemned the murders, but being gay would apparently have been even worse than going on a killing spree. 馃檮
@NerdyPotato What a father, worried his son might [b]love[/b] men鈥攔elieved that he murdered them instead. 馃槥
@bijouxbroussard exactly... I have no words...
BohemianBoo18-21, M
Tucker Carlson is already blaming the victims, saying they brought it on themselves.
A Conservative is just a Fascist without the balls to admit they want Fascism.
So the right鈥檚 not even [b]pretending[/b] not to be a bunch of murderous thugs now, I take it. 馃檮
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
The Club Q hero has more guts than any of those conservatives. Those Meal Team Six wusses are all dress up cowards who couldn't make it through boot camp. Truth be told they're too chicken to even go to a recruiting office.
those people are sorry excuses for human beings
They are sabotaging their own fascist party. The majority of American think these remarks are disgusting INCLUDING some rather moderate Republicans who are starting to consider seriously what they are aligned with. The party is already splitting which is a good thing!
...are they mad because Richard didn't use a gun to stop the psycho?馃
The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. This is where that MAGAt got his values and it's my understanding the shooter changed his name a short while back to protect his family for the things he will do.

ilikeitlikethat2361-69, M
@DrPhibes this guys fucked in the head.
MalteseFalconPunch36-40, T
Where? What are they saying?
calicuz51-55, M
What are they saying now?
Sick world we live in..
uncalled451-55, M
It's hard for me to believe people have that much hate in them....but I guess I have to.

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