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Do the Qanon members of Congress answer to Kevin McCarthy or does McCarthy answer to Qanon?

On Jan 6th McCarthy called Trump and screamed at him to call of his Dogs but now McCarthy won't/can't say a word about that. He'd rather threaten Technology Firms who have more money than the US Government than let that phone call be exposed.
McCarthy looks so far I'm over his head, I'm sure he'd bark if Trump or Q said "speak" at this point.

It's a little sad, because I think he was really trying to be an adult at times, but he's no McConnnell or even a Graham, and his only shot at being Speaker is to work for the destruction of the Republic at this point.

I could be wrong, of course, but I don't think he has an exit strategy and needs to swing things towards fascism/Trumpism to hold on.
[@619287,Jwalker] You're the puppet, is really where Trump shines, along with whatabouts.

He can't and really doesnt bother to defend himself because it works better to attack the other guy.

Honestly, it's pretty effective to say were all crook, and I'm you're kind of crook because I hate the same people you hate.
[@479686,MistyCee] You're the Puppet. He was absolutely gut punched. Hahahahahaha

[@619287,Jwalker] he may have been gut punched, but he was gut punched by a not very genuine seeming woman who threatened his misogynistic base, including of course a number of women who resented her for looking down on them.

I thought that was a win for Hillary, probably as you did, but foramy voters, he was just calling it like it is, and standing up for himself, which many of them probably saw as refreshingly " honest" in a weird sort of way.

I do get where Hillary came off as a hypocrite compared to Trump's I don't pretend to give a f-ck about honesty, ethics, or anyone but *,us."

Tbh, Trump's message about self interest is very powerful and very much American.
In order to get orders from Q, cult members have to sacrifice a child first. You know, in order to protect the children.
[@406636,causernamebemyusername] Good thing they don't mind sacrificing their own children.
topsgt6 · 61-69, M
Do you mean a relationship similar to the one between Schumer, Pelosi, the "Squad" and their mindless minions that blindly follow them around the halls of Congress and the radical groups BLM, Antifa and the American Socialist Party?
[@1134700,topsgt6] Does the squad control the Dems in Congress? No. But McCarthy can't say No to MTG or Boebert, they do whatever they want. They spew racisim, anti vaxx bullshit, whatever, no problem. They both got millions from somewhere but why would McCarthy ask from where?
[@619287,Jwalker] Dude, I think McCarthy is looking for that money. Why should he out the donors he wants to exploit?
topsgt6 · 61-69, M
All of Pelosi's marching orders come from the extreme left and that's fact hard to deny.
[@1134700,topsgt6] Bullshit, both Pelosi and Schumer are conservative along with Biden. If the right wasn't absolutely insane right now, if the Republican Party wasn't based on conspiracies, propaganda and lies the 3 would look like they belonged to the GOP.

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