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The Saudis led the 911 attack and Bush let the Saudi family fly out of the US on 911

Hasn't the Republican Party always been more detrimental to the United States than Foreign Terrorists? Republicans were involved on 911 and Republicans were involved on Jan 6th. Why shouldn't we be calling Republicans a Terrorist Party?
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
It's worse than you think. The Bush family has been involved with the bin Laden family ever since 1976...
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
[@619287,Jwalker] some of the links in my post refer to this. Absolutely none of the Saudi princess wanted to get involved. Yet the bin Laden family had just enough clout with the Saudis to get involved.
IronHamster · 51-55, M
[@619287,Jwalker] Interesting. The CIA pumped three billion into his organization. How much did his family give, and when?
[@544870,IronHamster] 19 hijackers involved in the 9/11 incident, 15 of them were Saudi Arabian. The alleged mastermind, Khalid Shaykh Mohammed, was free to travel in and out of the United States throughout much of 2001. This was despite warnings to the Bush administration from their own intelligence services of his suspected involvement in terrorist activity. Further warnings were issued only weeks before the attacks, in August 2001, even mentioning Osama bin Laden and other Saudi sponsors. This had nothing to do with Clinton.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
Because "terrorist" is a bad word. Until recently "Republican" wasnt as bad word. Besides the Republicans dont wage war against the "system" They are the system.
[@621893,whowasthatmaskedman] They are the Deep State.
whowasthatmaskedman · 61-69, M
[@619287,Jwalker] Sorry... All this Deep State rubbish is BS...Can I prove it? Yes..
If any one group,, council or cohesive group was running the planet, it would be doing it WAY better than it is currently being run. What we have is a bunch of greedy spoiled brats being bullies in the global sandbox, hogging most of the sand and pushing the other kids around. And I am not talking about any governments. I am speaking of those with real money. The bankers and big industrial corporations. Paul Simons. "Loose affiliation of Millionaires and Billionaires." They bribe the governments into doing their admin and taking out the trash.😷
[@621893,whowasthatmaskedman] I was actually just being flippant about the Deep State but I agree with your post. Rich people control everything. That's why I thought it was such a joke when McCarthy said he would shut down companies like Facebook, Google, etc. These companies can but any decision they want on Senate.
IronHamster · 51-55, M
Wrong. Osama used Sauds as a wedge. It would be like Antifa using Seatlites to murder blacks. That doesn't mean all Seatlites murder blacks, but it does mean Antifa does. See the difference?
I do consider them terrorists.
sunsporter1649 · 70-79, M
Ft. Sumter
TheArbitrator · 31-35, M
[@619287,Jwalker] Who doesn't know why it was Iraq when it was Saudi Arabia on 911?
TheArbitrator · 31-35, M
[@619287,Jwalker] 🤣 Supposedly, Saddam had WMDs, but we know that was untrue.
[@1183735,TheArbitrator] He wanted to trade his oil in Dinar instead of the American Dollar. Plus he threatened W's Dad.

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