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I *really* love sunsets 馃寘

I prefer them to sunrises. Also, for some reason, they make me emotional. I can't explain it but they are so great they fill my soul with awe, wonder and peace every time.

cherokeepatti61-69, F
we get some beautiful sunsets in Oklahoma. They say it鈥檚 because of the dust from west Texas that is in the atmosphere, it makes for a lot of beautiful colors and patterns. Watching the sun set when there鈥檚 a lot of colors is kind of amazing, it can change quickly. I would love to have a tree house with a deck facing the west where I could sit and take photos or videos of them sometimes.
cherokeepatti61-69, F
@4meAndyou That sounds like a wonderful thing to do together.
Asmae31-35, F
@cherokeepatti That sounds so delightful 馃ス
cherokeepatti61-69, F
@Asmae It is sometimes you see pink, coral, scarlet, golden yellow, blue, violet and gray all in the same sky. It鈥檚 like a watercolor painting that changes by the minute.
Caleidoscope36-40, F
I too love sunsets a lot ,perhaps bec I am lazy enough to wake up in the morning to see the sunrise.
Asmae31-35, F
@Caleidoscope That's another great reason to dig 'em 馃
tacobell26-30, M
Hey you are back! sunsets in Tangier are very beautiful!
Asmae31-35, F
@tacobell Hey 馃憢馃徑 Back to the ship. Lol
Yup! Cape Spartel in Tangier where the Atlantic hugs the Mediterranean is my favorite spot 馃寠
It's beautiful that if I had gone slight down the shore of the Great Lake I was at today I may have seen a very similar sight. If I had stayed long enough, I feel the rocks in a certain spot may have just been very similar. Like I may have caught the sun reflecting over waves gently and almost hitting the same spot in rock. Small world.
I'm a sunset kinda girl myself, especially around a body of water. I suppose my username explains one reason. This was gorgeous. Thanks for sharing! 馃挍
Asmae31-35, F
@Asmae That's adorable. Not trying to spam your post, but....

2nd picture down 馃槈
Asmae31-35, F
@MoonlightLullaby Not at all. Feel free to post whatever you like 鉁
Elessar26-30, M
My favourite sunset this year 馃寗

Asmae31-35, F
@Elessar Beautiful! That shot has a serious artistic touch to it. Perfect timing 馃憤馃徑
Me too!! I want to love sunrises, the imagery of a new day, a fresh start. Truth is though, I am NOT a morning person. So I see sunsets as the close to something beautiful. A show of the 1440 minutes we get and to make them valuable. It washes away the days mistakes and promises a new chance to do better.
Asmae31-35, F
@Thespis Well-said and relatable.
I do too. I love sunsets. Always have
I prefer them to sunrises as well. Sunsets come with color and patterns unlike anything else, especially against cloud.
So visually dramatic. Hence the emotions they conjure.

Nice shot.
Turkr36-40, M
and your suns there set into the ocean right? must be a gorgeous view :)
Turkr36-40, M
@Asmae there is a reason for this is called the golden hour :)

do you know why sunsets are golden but sunrises are not and more yellowish?
Asmae31-35, F
Hmm. Not sure. Why? 馃槄@Turkr
Turkr36-40, M
@Asmae I asked like I know it right? ahah honestly I don't know either 馃槄
That is a beautiful sunset, just those finite moments before it is gone and the darkness is lit by the glow of the moon
AuRevoir31-35, M
Same.. sunrise can be nice for me once like every few years or so.. I prefer the setting sun..
Asmae31-35, F
@AuRevoir They give me closure & comfort. Idk how to describe that feeling well. Also, in my part of the world, sunsets are beautifully complemented with the mighty ocean. So that's another advantage.
Hassan18-21, M
Are you stressed right now with your life!?
Asmae31-35, F
I think stress has become an essential part of life. @Hassan
Hassan18-21, M
@Asmae you need a break 馃槩 i think you like sunsets bcz everything shuts down by that time. Fuck the system.
Also we arabs get destroyed by morning and noon sun. It's too damn hot here hbu?
Asmae31-35, F
@Hassan Earlier this month I was at a town where it was unbearably hot but now that I'm back home it's warm.

Idk, I think sunset matches my general mood really well and makes me ponder over life in depth.
Yes I agree they are stunning and easy to fall asleep to
Asmae31-35, F
@Palewriter I never sleep during a sunset 馃槆 but you are right, last time my nephew fell asleep undisturbed shortly after sunset. It does have a calming effect.
Now I must post today's sunrise 馃槇

[image deleted]
Asmae31-35, F
@BeefySenpie That's pretty 馃ぉ
Looks kinda cold somehow?
@Asmae I thought so too. A foggy winter morning it was
I prefer dawn and sunrises...
Except in Ramadhaan ;-)
Asmae31-35, F
@Eidolon See? Sunset always wins for me 馃槆
Kwek0036-40, M
Woohoo Asmae is back 馃悾
Asmae31-35, F
@Kwek00 馃懇馃徑鈥嶐煠濃嶐煈煆火煇
Kwek0036-40, M
@Asmae Happy b*tches 馃悾
Stefanv56-60, M
I do too! Bc I am never up in time for a sunrise!馃槀馃槀馃憤
FoolishLuna51-55, F
Great picture!
Asmae31-35, F
Thank you (: @FoolishLuna
scooogy26-30, MVIP
I prefer slightly cloudy ones
I feel the same way.
CreepzillaInManila31-35, MVIP
That's a gorgeous image
Lovely 馃グ

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