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~ Introverted Solace~

Hence in solitude, or that deserted state when we are surrounded by human beings and yet they sympathize not with us, we love the flowers, the grass, the waters, and the sky. In the motion of the very leaves of spring, in the blue air, there is then found a secret correspondence with our heart.

Percy Bysshe Shelley
SW-User Best Comment
Introverted solitude... it can be so peaceful. 馃槍 No pressure to be or do anything, you can simply be yourself. A fellow wild thing among the nature surrounding you.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@SW-User I'm glad you got a bike ride in. I miss those days of rejuvenation and freedom. Sigh.

[quote]But I still love to get on my bike and ride, even if I have to pedal it馃き
[/quote] Well, it sure does beat having to push it for two miles. I don't recall that being a pleasant day.馃槒

[quote]It's crazy how much has changed for me in the last year.[/quote]
I'm extremely proud of you for following through and having that determination. You've grown so much, and it was wonderful to witness it even if the bad days were hard to witness.

@MoonlightLullaby [quote]You've grown so much, and it was wonderful to witness it even if the bad days were hard to witness.[/quote]

Well, all I can say is "Thank you" for wanting to be there, and caring enough to stick around through the bad times, but it's not just me that's grown; you have too. For my part, I'm just happy to have helped. More than anything I've wanted to provide you with someone who you could rely upon, give you a bit of consistency. (Even if I I can be a bit changable on a personal level. 馃き) Because you were a misfit like me, looking for bit of understanding.

And just like that, we went from misfits to unicorns. 馃槉馃馃寛
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@SW-User It was my pleasure to be there for you. I did it from the heart because I wanted to. Because you deserved it. We've both helped each other grow in immeasurable ways. You invested a lot of time into helping me better myself, time you didn't even have. Not to mention, your gifts from the heart like the books, the videos, sound files and pictures.

[quote]Because you were a misfit like me, looking for bit of understanding.[/quote]

Your P and my J sometimes made it difficult, but they were also our saving grace at times. God love 'em and damn 'em too.馃き

The one thing we've always been adamant about is "everything happens for a reason" and I know it felt like you were placed in my life for a reason from the very beginning. I'm pretty sure you felt it too. 馃槈.... and I fully trust that we both will continue being there. 馃挄

Indy7446-50, F
This is very beautiful. It speaks volumes. We are not judged or hurt by the things in nature that exist. I dont put a lot of faith in humans as i once did. Nature and her majesty embraces our very soul. 馃挅馃尫馃槉
Indy7446-50, F
@MoonlightLullaby just know that you as my soul sis and bestie means so much!! Im lucky to have crossed paths with you over a year ago!! Who would have thought....馃き馃挅
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@Indy74 [c=800055][big]Samesies[/big][/c]馃挍

Just remember, if you really wanna heal the mind & soul, or if you're looking for that balm to soothe it.... go to nature & look within yourself 馃
Indy7446-50, F
@MoonlightLullaby all im gonna say is thank you for the reminder!! 馃 very gently may i add!! 馃き馃槣
This is quite serenely beautiful and true. Have felt that motion of those leaves dancing around me and being in a perfect connection with the world. Will look up the author more. 馃尫
@MoonlightLullaby I will admit, I have placed myself more within small urban living for a little while now. It comes with some loss of those places, but my city has trails all along two rivers that converge. You would find me there, often. One aspect of city life, as a somewhat social introvert, is finding people to connect with.

I've been rummaging around in my spirit and feelings, should I now again tuck myself into that distant rural setting, off some side road, where I only smell nature, see the thick of woods upon waking.

It's hard to emulate voices, you have to learn yours. I appreciate some older poets; but many I admire are more modern. The older ones, more of the ones who speak romantically. Like Yeats.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@thewindupbirdchronicles I can understand your reasoning for preferring ones like Yeats because I understand you.

That's one reason I wouldn't suggest moving away from the city; by understanding you. I think you need people to connect with interpersonally. I'm not a social introvert in the least. I've tried to be one because I thought it was expected of me by family and friends that were worried after that event, but it was the most exhausting thing I've done. I used to have dreams off off grid living amongst the wild things.

It's your decision, but I'm not sure it's a healthy one from what I know and see in you so far. 馃尫
@MoonlightLullaby Appreciated, and thank you. I appreciate how you see, and understand, me. 馃尫 I do feel we all have dual natures of a sort; even beyond what we identify as introverted, extroverted. I'm equal parts, in the right moments. Have a somewhat complex character, in myself. He needs to study himself futher while also feeling the warmth of leaves, poetically, brushing against my side, and the warmth of humanity. Yet, city life, even when small, if you don't surround yourself with those who truly appreciate, you are throwing yourself against the wind. Whereas, I'm not with the leaves, or the throes of nature..

It's been different since the pandemic, socially.

Bless your deal soul, too.
I returned here to find something new that you had written and le voila. It is fitting. Thank you, MoonlightLullaby.
@MoonlightLullaby Well, let me help you push that pen. I know it is not yours. That is fine. Beauty is beauty. It is shared. I am spinning a poem just for you. Will take its sweet time. Blessings.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@PoetryNEmotion You are most definitely a light worker and I will wait patiently to see your creation. 馃挍
@MoonlightLullaby Rare is one who knows what that means even. I am smiling. I am blessed.
WandererTony56-60, M
Lovely lines to narrate the loneliness and companionship with nature that each of us carries yet are unaware unless highlighted or experienced.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@WandererTony What a lovely way of putting that. For me personally, I can be in my own home while it's loaded with people, yet feel deep loneliness. Then I can be by myself in nature and feel more at home there and surrounded by its bounty, not a bit of loneliness touches me.

Just like the moon itself; she's been my most loyal companion since childhood. I couldn't wait to see her ethereal beauty rise just so I wouldn't feel alone and finally be at ease. 鉁
This is beautiful, seasons of nature magical medicine for the 馃挏
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@OceanRoses I'm glad you enjoyed it. You're indeed correct about nature being medicine. It's a true healer for the heart & soul in immeasurable ways; during the light of day and or nocturnal moments. 馃尫
@MoonlightLullaby You're welcome I post same style as you kind of. I take my own pictures, write poetry or add music 馃. I love it let's you escape into splendor. Nature is my church 馃寘
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@OceanRoses In other words, I may have found a kindred spirit? That sounds fun & I'll check you out.馃槉馃挓
Wow, that's really lovely.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@SW-User Yes he did. I enjoy reading his work even though it was written in the days of old. Those are usually the best ones and ones who qualities I've always wished I could master in my own written word, but have never came close to doing so.. I'm glad you enjoyed it. 馃尯
@MoonlightLullaby Thanks for sharing, and with a beautiful picture. 馃挒
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@SW-User My pleasure. Thank you for the appreciation. 馃尫
An image that perfectly captures the words
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@Reaverwolf Thank you. I have saved so many photos over the years just waiting for them to draw words from me. This one did, but I never could bring it to completion like many. But I was reading through his works earlier and this picture came to mind when I read this excerpt.
This is so good. So true.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@SW-User Very much so. He was such a good writer, and it's hard to believe this came from the 1800's.
@MoonlightLullaby It is hard to believe.
MoonlightLullaby41-45, F
@Rambler Indeed he did. I can only imagine what he'd think of our current world. What would he write about the need for solitude now? He'd probably never leave nature's bounty.

(My apologies, as I thought I responded to you last night. I hate leaving people out. )

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