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Farming is fun and all....

But no one talks about the soul crushing heartbreak that comes with it..... We've been fighting sickness in our rabbit colony and watching them all go from normal to not ok 1 by 1 while desperately quarantining them and deep cleaning cages and administering medications...... Round the clock caring for them to watch some favorite rabbits pass away .... This years been hard 馃槱
It's a critical, but difficult lifestyle. The cycle of life - both the joy and the pain - are omnipresent.
chickiegirl9526-30, F
@BizSuitStacy absolutely. I lost one of my favorites this morning.... The meds help but with so many so young......
@chickiegirl95 I'm sorry 馃様
chickiegirl9526-30, F
@BizSuitStacy thanks. We will get through this. Every farm has a bad year
SlaveEt36-40, F
Aww, that is rough. Farmers do get attached to their animals, I have no doubt馃ズ
chickiegirl9526-30, F
@SlaveEt we all do. And sometimes that love makes it suck
Dolimyte41-45, M
That's rough, I hope your colony recovers quickly.
chickiegirl9526-30, F
@Dolimyte thanks me too.... I just lost my favorite breeder
I know the agony of that, and I am sorry.
chickiegirl9526-30, F
@WillaKissing thanks. I'm trying so hard and it won't stop

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