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Global Peace A reality

"War the most malignant scourge of mankind." General Douglas MacArthur. He was and still is right. Ever since the dawn of man countless wars, armed aggressions, and atrocities against fellow man have plagued civilizations. History is full of countless battles that determine outcomes of countries destinies. The Battle of Waterloo in 1815 is probably the most significant in that the outcome forever changed the course of history.

Today a global catastrophe of epic proportions is already happening. From the constant turmoil in countries of Ukraine, Africa, the drug cartels in Central America, the rampant kidnappings in Mexico, the violence in Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and the threat of nuclear aggression from the leaders of North Korea, The world is more volatile than in any time in recent history. The United States in its failure to ratify the League of Nations following World War I fueled the flames for Hitlers rise in Germany which led to World War II. The United Nations since its formation following World War II has done very little in curbing the horrific tragedies that have plagued countries all over the world. The United States has been failing to achieve the stature that was and to this day still expected in the eyes of the rest of the world to ward off any aggression of any country or terrorist group.

The argument of a superior military presence of one country is a valid one where the greatest deterrent against any armed aggression of any country or group is the real threat of total annihilation. Today the world is more violent, destructive, and more complex. The civility among nations except for a few, there is none. In most parts of the world dignity, compassion, humility, and humanity have yet to be of prominent importance in the governing of nations. Mans inhumanity to man is so rampant that any attempt today to stop the insanity is almost futile. This is why the United States must initiate more authority for the United Nations in solving the many crises around the world. The failure of the UN has been the constant lack of real support by countries and the go it alone approach in the United States foreign policy from the Bush Administration thru the Biden's

Now the real problem in attaining a lasting global peace is that most countries governments are faulty. In that corruption of any form destroys any government no matter how well intended it is, and furthermore pervasive honesty is vital for the success of any democracy. Morality is basic for any and all laws to be effective and a strong moral society is necessary for any government to succeed. It has taken centuries to rid the concept of the divine rights of Kings now it is time to rid of the divine rights of governments in order to restore sensitivity, humanity and humility to societies. When anarchy prevails in places like Somalia human rights are non-existent and the horrific suffering of people continues to spread causing a continuing escalation of more violence. The only recourse is for the United Nations to form a coalition force is stop the spread of anarchy and restore order to those countries who continue to violate basic human rights.

This time the United Nations must have the real backing of the United States, Germany, France, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, Russia, England, Mexico and Spain to start to ease the suffering of peoples of countries whose own governments or lack of governments prohibit human rights. With these countries commitment to the United Nations the UN will have the authority and the capabilities to strive for global coexistence between nations and to thwart countries from using armed aggression against one another.

With the United Nations backing any governments success depends on whether it is the clear choice of the people, the citizens, the majority must be charitable, they must have a military and a diplomatic policy of and for defense only, there has to be a reasonable distribution of wealth, and any government will be considered negligent if it denies or does not provide the means for earning a living for all who want to work. Right now, the United States government is guilty of not following through on most of these policies and the success of all Americans is very limited.

There are five fundamental moral rules that must be followed by the leaders of countries and the citizens have to be concerned enough to speak up and demand that governments follow them. "Only an educated and participating population can democracy thrive and prosper." 1. The United Nations must have a mutual defense pact and a firm resolve by all countries to join together to repeal aggression and restore human rights in countries that oppose and suppress them. 2. Citizens must withdraw support from any leader or country that violates or condones armed assault. 3. Nations must have adequate defense forces to prevent aggression and to repel any armed assaults. 4. Governments must realize that no person has the right commit violence against another for any reason except if it is unavoidable to protect human life or nations borders. 5. Capital punishment must be abolished and replaced with life imprisonment instead. These fundamental moral rules have to be the basis to build a foundation for lasting global peace. To do nothing or ignore is paramount and a prelude to Armageddon.
Si vis pacem, para bellum
Wow world peace, save ukraine!

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