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I Want World Peace

What would produce more peace in the world, more international "unity" or more international "diversity"?

if you wanna joke around please do it on another post.
BlueVeins · 22-25
More support for UN Peacekeeping forces would go a long way.
@BlueVeins we the people fund everything


The USA never wanted peace, only oligarchy
BlueVeins · 22-25
@Whiterosesociety [quote] I won't be able to organize this activism campaign for you.

It YOUR job since YOU brought it up. Call thousands of people and get some friends to join you.[/quote]

The fuck you on about?
@BlueVeins your crudity wont hide behind your youth. Leave me alone.
TheDog0 · 31-35
The world is at peace,yet people are still dying from either diseases ,accidents or nature powers.

If you want more peace, maintain it, sacrifice and lead.
No single man can control how the world is going. They make you think that they have power, but the power has always been there.

You are part of the world. If you want more world peace, you can try to achieve your personal peace and maintain your surroundings. For you have the most control over yourself, and the things you do can make a difference to the people/environment around you. For example.I am far away from you, why would you want to make me more peaceful, like it's me that's keeping you from understanding what is more important and why you can't feel the peace part of the world, will you succeed in making me more peaceful, what if I am already in peace, or you think you know me.

There is a reason that rest in peace mostly reffers to death, if you want peace, fight for it till you achive it ,but most/many people die on the process. Then you know peace is not for all, you just live for what suits you most. Then you got lucky if you have peace before you die and it's always been what you wanted. Of course, it's just an old world view, but still something to think about.

So, maybe focus on yourself first, one step at a time.
TheDog0 · 31-35
@Whiterosesociety Not me.
I don't talk about coffee.And I am living in the real world.
It's what you see and what you want yourself to believe.
Let's talk about your current life now.
What troubles you?
@TheDog0 oh please

for once I can't take a guy seriously who says our lives are controlled by ourselves alone

and a guy who calls himself the dog...

and if u want reality I will ask you, have you asked your grandparents why anyone fought WWII???
TheDog0 · 31-35
@Whiterosesociety I didn't say our lives. It's my life. And I don't just have this username called TheDog0 (yea, I have a lot usernames). As I said, it's what you see and what you have been tricked to believe. Do you know what the 0 means? Why is the dog,not a dog? see?
Paintedfox · 36-40, F
I don't think we can promote it anymore. Not many people will listen. I appreciate the mindfulness movement that's sweeping the USA and I'm not surprised so many are capitalizing the shit out of it. No matter what you do, there are too many people to reach out to and they were brought up in homes that preach jealousy and perfection... Maybe if there weren't so many people we could heal. Learn acceptance and expression and give the kids love instead of abuse. Have fun instead of being angry, stressed and in a hurry. Less work, more play. But then there's soooo many people we're getting crowded and bored of waiting our turn to have a life.

I dunno what to do. I'm just kind whenever I get the chance. I accept differences and drop expectations. Smile at babies and hold doors.

I wish profit wasn't so powerful.
Reduce economic inequality. Pass and Practice better employment legislation on developing nations and work more on women's rights and provide them with better opportunities ,as in education,to reduce reproduction and reduce numbers of population and increase their quality of life.
@SW-User How does all that tie into the unity/diversity theme?
@Whiterosesociety simple
. It ties into Karl Marx's manifesto and theory that the only inequality between people is financial. For example. A poor white Christian male has more in common with another poor brown Muslim person than a rich white Christian man,and vice versa. Financial inequalities and most of the crimes against humanity are bred from financial gains..purely that and all. Just think about it. If everyone lived decently and could enjoy the same resources,would people be as evil towards each other?
helenS · 36-40, F
Unity and diversity are not antagonists. Quite the contrary. The (inofficial) motto of the European Union is "[i]Una in diversitate[/i]", which is Latin for "United in Diversity".

The opposite would be "United in Homegeneity", excluding the "others".
@helenS How would you think they feel about that stuff in the grand great USA??
@helenS your last sentence sounds disturbingly familiar, comes from an orange mistake with possibly fatal power.
ScrewThisImDone · 26-30, F
What we need is people unified in accepting that there's so much diversity, but too many of us would rather destroy anything we see as different, especially if it doesn't match exactly what we believe.
@ScrewThisImDone I know what u mean
Echoing · 61-69, F
simple... just Love, stop judgment and if that isn't possible... at least be kind.
Echoing · 61-69, F
@Whiterosesociety Unifying, become united bring peace. You have to know love before uniting in peace. To love, is accepting all of the different people, different social and ethnic backgrounds... diverse.
@Echoing as far as international politics that personal stuff is awfully...vague.

Everyone thinks they are the paragon of knowledge and truth and ..virtue

@Echoing that stuff is for home and church and on an international level there is NO PEACE AND LOVE.

But there is a desperate need for enlightened INTELLIGENCE
antonioio · 61-69, M
I would love to see it to
While foolish people follow leaders into war
I wonder will it ever happen
Just look at the leaders of the great powers
Harriet03 · 41-45, F
Thankyou Yoko!
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
@NangiUniverse this is gone,,,bye bye

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