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何 日 刀 锋 断 我 愁













It's the theme song of a 1985 TV series 天涯明月刀 which's based on 古龙's novel 天涯明月刀

The main actor is a hero+swordsman+wanderer+lone wolf, the theme song is mainly for him

It's beyond my English level, well, I'll give it a try anyway...

月色倍清:Imagine the Moon, bright and cold (color)

刀锋倍冷:Imagine the sharp edge of his sword, reflecting the moonlight, bright and cold

茫茫天涯路:Imagine he's walking in the moonlight, doesn't know where to go, doesn't know what to do

迷人月儿薄纱背后,谁在妄想把天偷:Behind the fascinating lunar halo, who is there being delusional trying to obfuscate, to deceive?

烈酒最香,毒花最美,如何去消受:Spirits (白酒) are the most fragrant, poisonous flowers are the most beautiful, but how are you going to enjoy them? (It's sort of a metaphor. Imagine he's attracted to and falls in love with a woman, a woman who's beautiful and nice on the outside but evil and harmful on the inside, he just doesn't know how to enjoy, how to love)

谁能料明日酒醒以后,人尚暖,头还在,剑戟收:Maybe tomorrow when he wakes up from the drunkenness, he's not a cold corpse, his head is still on his neck, weapons are put away because he doesn't have to fight anymore. (Hidden meaning: He's tired of having to fight, he wants things to be different, but will it happen?)

在欢呼声中,竟充满了毒咒:In the cheers, unexpectedly are full of mean curses

床中的枕与衾,早施布了陷阱:Traps were set up in the pillows and quilt in bed. (Meaning someone intimate betrayed him)

常握的一双手,亦忽变作拳头:The hands that he's been held, suddenly turned into fist. (Meaning someone he's relied on, someone he's trusted now trying to hurt him)

鲜血未冷,情义已尽:The blood is not even cold yet, and the love is already not there anymore

何日刀锋断我愁:When will the sword cut off the sorrow?

The End

Well, I feel like I've just ruined it
Lilymoon · F
That's a little disturbing with the poison and missing head 😦
elbbbslsbl · 51-55, M
poison and missing head... online translator?
see the updates
elbbbslsbl · 51-55, M
You speak mandarin or Cantonese?
elbbbslsbl · 51-55, M
see the update

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