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I don't buy vinyl records because it's nostalgic

I buy vinyl because it sounds better. Of course it has to be analog. The digital vinyl is terrible especially on good equipment. Which is what got me into vinyl in the first place. Long live vinyl. 馃憤馃榿
OldBrit61-69, M
I normally only buy old original second second hand vinyl.
Axeroberts56-60, M
@OldBrit exactly. Then you know what you're getting
I have a massive collection of vinyl records.
Axeroberts56-60, M
@TheStranger right on. Do you have a few gems in that collection
graphite61-69, M
Vinyl - when musicians actually could make $$ selling music. Now it's all digital.
uncalled456-60, M
There are some old pressings that sound great and are legendary for doing so(1st press of Zep II comes to mind), but it terms of new stuff, 99.9% of which are Pro Tools or DAW-sourced, that's a little strange to me. I don't care for vinyl's limitations, which is a trade-off for when something is mastered well. Clicks, pops, echo, inner groove distortion--it just drives me up the wall, so I'm very selective when I buy an LP. I'll often look for opinions out in the wild. I once got, essentially, a compressed/limited CD master cut to vinyl--the worst of both worlds--so while LPs can sound quite good, not every issue does.
Axeroberts56-60, M
@uncalled4 i have found to my surprise over the years that there are tons of mint condition records out there. A good label is key too
uncalled456-60, M
@Axeroberts It's definitely harder than it was. If you know a ready source, you could make a fortune flipping. When everyone was dumping LPs in the 80s/90s, I was picking up the ones I liked for a dollar! But I did pick up some 90s vinyl and I think less people cared by that point--pressing/mastering quality was not as good. I run with the people who know matrix numbers in the deadwax to determine a favorite pressing or the work of a good mastering engineer. I also know some crazy collectors including the guy who found the rare Freewheeling Bob Dylan that sold for 150K.
They have digital vinyl now?
Axeroberts56-60, M
@ImperialAerosolKidFromEP yeah. Most of the new releases are digitized. Sounds terrible too. But vinyl lovers are catching on

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