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The Grammys are depressing. Music is at such a low point right now.

The fact that nobody knows how to play any instruments anymore means that even genres I like are sucking.
SW-User Best Comment
You're just not going to find decent music at the Grammys. It's mostly just the usual Top 40 trash. Cardi B is nominated for like everything. Bleh. 馃槱
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@SW-User Cardi B just screeches and makes bird noises.
toddr1346-50, M
@BlueMetalChick It would be interesting if she didn't win and threw her shoe at someone, however.

yeah...record companies figured out its easier to control/market 1 artist than an entire band. Hopefully in a decade or so, there鈥檚 a revival in music but I don鈥檛 see it any time soon
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@Insomniac100 I could even handle it if solo artists at least wrote and performed their own music and lyrics, and didn't pay teams of people to write and develop electronic backing tracks for them, then edit the shit out of their voices in post.
Yeah I knew rock was slowly dying even in the mid 2000s but I鈥檓 more disappointed in how rap turned out. I remember in like 2012, there were so many young artists coming up with raw talen and none of them actually made it except for Kendrick who鈥檚 been m.i.a for 2 years. It鈥檚 all shitty auto tune now which I thought went away in 2009. @BlueMetalChick
lightningblue22-25, M
you watch the grammys ? lol
they cant even make a good 10min with one of the most popular band with 20 millions of budget at the superbowl
toddr1346-50, M
I gave up on the broadcast, especially as I could not tolerate the pre-show banter from the hosts.
Dan50926-30, M
I guess you could say that *puts on glasses* "This is America"
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
CrustyDDingus36-40, M
People still watch that?
BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@CrustyDDingus Apparently. I don't but I passed it while channel surfing.
CrustyDDingus36-40, M
@BlueMetalChick I鈥檇 be really surprised if you did tbh.
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lightningblue22-25, M
oh and on a similar note, did you hear about the oscars ?
there will be no hosts lol
edmplayer522-25, C
Hey, Drake's subtle Grammy diss was lit, though. Gotta love the Six God.
uncalled456-60, M
The Grammys are like a horse that needs to be put down. It won't be, though, because the music biz loves self-congratulatory circle jerks like this. Loves.
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BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@LvChris "No, Skrillex, a MacBook is not an instrument."
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BlueMetalChick26-30, F
@LvChris I'm saving that.

And, since you mentioned her older stuff, "Empire State of Mind" brings back some good memories.

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