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So i'm about to watch zootopia for the first time. Is it any good?

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BarbieGirl22-25, F
Yassss! It's not only inspirational but it's goofy and everything. Gotta love that Disney vibe 馃槉
BlaqueBeauty36-40, F
Amazing!! I love this movie. It's funny as hell
RobotKitty31-35, M
I hated it.

Didn't like the story - it was boring, cliche.
Despised the social commentary.
Didn't like the characters - boring, one dimensional.
Didn't like the jokes - almost all of them fell flat.
Loved the animation though, it was beautiful...and imaginative.
It's a funny movie.
StormyLynn26-30, F
I loved it!
FrostBorne31-35, M
I would consider it one of my favorite animated movies.
I looooove that movie.
Bean1746-50, F
sighmeupforthat46-50, M
i heard some became suicidal and actually metamorphosed into some loathsome creature while viewing.
[c=#BF0080]Sounds lovely.[/c]

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