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watching my fav tv series

for the past 2 years i have been in love with these Chinese fantasy dramas on on youtube .

1.Miss the dragon -to me this movies had a very deep meaning behind it. i researches it and it actually was a book that someone made a movie about that was based of of religion . i give the movies 10/10

2. Till the end of the moon (still watching) - its giving mixed emotions but love the actors and the movie is also based of the bible to mee as well.

there are so many series they are very all interesting and tbh have saved my life from bordom and also i my depression has not been bad since i started watching these series for some odd reason . To be honest i feel like some of the ones i like the most i have had simular dreams since i was younger and for some odd reason i have been trying to figure out the messages from them . so far i have got a couple of them .

just sharing some of the things that keep me wholesome and sane lol .
Raaii · 22-25, F
miss the dragon made m very sad at the end

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