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Watching House of the Dragon season 2

Spoiler alert: Criston Cole gets a haircut.

Cole: *looking to see if Alicent notices his new ‘do* 👀 I request your favor.

Allicent: 🤨 🧻
(😂 She always looks so disgusted at people)

They’re doing an amazing job this season of making me feel sorry for team Green; humanizing them a bit. Helaena and the kids were obviously always innocent. The others were so awful last season that I didn’t think I could care at all what happens to them; especially Otto. But now I really just can’t stand Otto and Cole. The others are so vulnerable and lost in their grief.

Otto just having to use his granddaughter’s loss for political advantage, his parting shot at the grieving Aegon, his refusal to even hear Alicent’s confession when she needed reassurance from her father. It’s like he didn’t care at all what happened. And his influence echoed in each of their inabilities to comfort one another: Aemond off crying with a predatory woman, Aegon and Helaena at a loss for words while awkwardly passing one another on the stairs, Alicent walking out on a sobbing Aegon. 😔
I’m just sad for them.

And I think Daemon doesn’t know what to do with himself if he’s not in a battle. I don’t like him. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Looks like they tried to make him a little redeemable, but…nah. He’s gross. I still only like Rhaenys.

Rhaenys: Rhaena or Joffrey can be heir to Driftmark.

Corlys: No! I love only Luke! 😭

(Okay, that’s not really how their conversation went down, but I interpret it that way anyway. 🥲)
deadteddy · 26-30, F
I haven’t watched it yet. Is it good? Do I need to have watched GOT to understand it ?
@deadteddy It’s GoT’s prequel. It can be watched in any order. But the events in House of the Dragons is why there hadn’t been any dragons anymore until Danaerys showed up in Game of Thrones. It’s all these people’s fault.
I think the story seems a little rushed at times, and they tried to be so graphic and shocking in the first season; but this new season really shows off how amazing these actors are doing.

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