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I Love Southpark

Southpark Season 23 ❤️

I think 2 episodes were a bit less good... but the 6 others? Lol, what a masterclass of holding mirror in front of those that are ideologically driven in a unnuanced/radical way. 😅


If Charles De Coster would be still alive... he would be pretty proud of how these guys handle stuff.

DrSunnyTheSkeptic · 26-30, M
Me too, they have a BEAUTIFUL and hilarious way to make fun and mock absurdity in society in a way to over-exaggerate things so much that they're obvious to anyone while the people in the show are completely blind to it except a few individuals.
Kwek00 · 41-45, M
@DrSunnyTheSkeptic Well... I think the real strength of southpark is, that they take an aspect of society. Then charicaturise is it in a way that that they show the absurdity of the arguments on both sides. They hardly ever pick a side. Even in this episode, they laugh with:

* PC-people that are lacking nuance
* Male gamers that feel threatened because females enter their social circles

But at the end of the episode, even the PC-babies (those that cry for everything they don't like) show nuance by not crying, because they accept that it's not okay to be radical. That nuance matters, and that you have to look at individual cases and make judgements on individual levels while still having guidelines (norms).

My favourite episode is "Goobacks", where they flesh out the immigration debate from pretty much every side of the political spectrum. In just 25 minutes.

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