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So, how is Netflix going to do this whole password sharing thing?

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So I pay for 2 screens on Netflix. What that means is, myself and another person in my house can watch on the same account at the same time. The other person who uses the 2nd screen has moved out, but is still using the other profile which I legitimately pay for.

So will Netflix see this as password sharing or not? If they restrict the other person from accessing Netflix, then I'm cancelling. You don't see Hulu doing this, and I think Netflix is shooting themselves in the foot with the whole thing.

What do you think about Netflix going after people who share passwords?
Lucyy · 18-21, F Best Comment
I think they need to leave it be. I understand their point of view- but their way of implementing it is illogical. They are limiting sharing to people only within your household- even if you PAY for more accounts than who lives with you. That means if two parents live alone, but pay for their daughter to be on their account while she lives in a college dorm, they can't do that, even though they PAY for her. It means people can't pay for their grandparents in a nursing home to be on their account. It means parents can't keep their children on their accounts when they move out, and may even create issues with children of divorce, who watch and are PAID FOR on their mom's plan, but live with their dad most of the year.

Netflix is going downhill fast, and they just keep digging themselves a deeper hole. The whole reason they are implementing tighter rules is because they are drastically losing subscribers, and they think this will fix it. But they are losing subscribers because
1. They don't offer as much as other platforms,
2. They keep upping prices DESPITE this lack of quality/quantity of content
and 3. They focus more on starting up shows to bring people IN than they do on keeping shows that CURRENT users enjoy

This is in NO way going to help their numbers. What IS going to happen is that those who ACTUALLY legitimately pay for others to be on their account who don't live in their household will begin cancelling their accounts. What Netflix needs to be doing is creating more bundle deals that increase the quality and quantity of their content- such as merging with other streaming services, so they can actually afford to keep up good content, and have ENOUGH of it that people will actually want to sign up. Will they still lose money, having to share profits with other services? Sure. But Netflix isnt the powerhouse it once was now that it has so much competition, and if it isnt careful, it may go out altogether.
twiigss · M
@Lucyy Yes!! This is where I'm at with it. Even though the younger relative has moved out, I consider them part of my household. If I legitimately pay for 2 screens then I shouldn't be penalized, but I feel like I will be, and I won't hesitate in cancelling the membership.

I understand Netflix's position but I feel the same, that they are digging a hole deeper and deeper.

Thodsis · 46-50, M
Change your subscription. It'll be cheaper.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
I definitely see Netflix's side. You can't have one person paying for service and sharing it with 20 of their closest friends.
twiigss · M
@Stereoguy yeah I agree. This guy who ran an arcade, pay 5 bucks for a half hour game card play any games you want for half an hour. Problem, 5 people come in and only buy 1, $5 card and they all share for half an hour.
Stereoguy · 56-60, M
@twiigss Exactly. If you like the service that much then just pay for the subscription. It doesn't cost that much.

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