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Now for something to calm my nerves

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In my cyber travels i've heard some good things about this, so as per usual from now on i shall provide scanty commentary in updated notes, oh what an allure people to see how a perfect stranger who's completely bland life is plastered all the time here, what that kind of person says about the movies he watches, can it get more intriguing?? ;)


couple going out for a little vacation? Michael Fassbender is in it. Little bit of doomy foreshadowing with some traffic in the dark, and ominous music

whooop a nearby lady just struck her child, nasty area their in, but ya gotta be like it's none of my beeswax, don't get in over your head, play it close to the chest, just try to enjoy yer lil romantic getaway and noone's gonna get hurt, well besides little kinds with their rotten parents that is.

A building site as a romantic destination, their giggling about it and he says just trust me alright, yeah sure, i believe that!!

Nice lil beach their making out in and the well behaved kids hanging around, all safe and stuff, kinda homey, nuttin's gonna happen, gonna be a nice romantic comedy!!

Even the pitbulls are friendly.

Yeah they're all gonna party together, so sweet

for not getting the fukk out of there, campsite on that crummy looking beach, with the unruly kids somewhere in the trees, one of which saw fit to show the lady his little wee wee, yes, they have got whatever is coming to them

she looks a bit like Monica Vitti here

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if i was her i'd bonk him on the head knock him out, get the car keys, leave that prick there with the kids, and go the fukk home and proceed with the divorce procedures

the guy has a stupid case of "i won't be bullied" and he's getting on the wrong side of a waitress, yes they survived the night in a tent on that beach, and they got a flat once they get in the car and back up, gonna teach dem kids a lesson har dee harr harr, there's only 20 of them and 2 of us, what could go wrong??!! Stupid idiot .... you can see i'm really getting into it, eh??

going into the kid's home, bonehead move setting up an unsympathetic character so that the audience can watch them get terrorized, if there's any justic in this parallel world, it won't be a happy ending for these love birds

i can't watch this BS anymore, completely airhead protagonists, soon to be victims, sort like that won't last long in the real world, if they make it out in the end it's just phony Hollywood exercises in futility, there's actually good movies i could be watching,


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