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Almost done a film

Little Women (2019)

This is proving to be for me my official entry for good filmmaking where it's just plain good!!

Usually my film tastes always had to be so outlandishly different and unique, totally unlike any other kind that's normal, and i still like those, but NOW

I see a normal kind of filmmaking that feels so natural, and i love it!!

How the narrative moves along, how things are evolving, the real emotions and real situations, real talk from real people.

Like life, that doesn't have anything too shattering involved, just real life things, like a death in the family, being able to tell who you want to spend the rest of your life with, this film shows a God's view on these character's lives,

think of our lives, do we understand what's going on? Surely we don't, but we're all living in a movie of our own, all the people we know, the events, the emotional gradations spanning from euphoria to sadness.

Thank you to one of my most dear friends here for opening up for me this new stage in my film watching life.

Films are there not just for entertainment, but to show us how our lives are in the midst of a story.

Thank you @AliceinWonderland
you're welcome. you are a good writer.
Jarffff · 46-50
@AliceinWonderland ty so much 🤗

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