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When you try to correct your dysfunctional family, you are called mean...or a narcissist.

It is time out for compromising your dignity, as a man, for the purpose of avoiding conflict. Stand up and be a man and take back Authority! So what if they call you a narcissist? ... then be a f****** narcissist. Tattoo it on your arm, wear it in bold red letters on your shirt - "I'm a narcissist, b****." You are going to be called names when you stand up for yourself.

It's heartbreaking to see how the progressive feminist movement has radically transformed the American family. Once upon a time in America, the average man was respected by his family... Today, he's not even greeted when he comes home from work. American men don't know any better; they have been conditioned to believe this is okay.

He comes home from a long day at work, he doesn't get any love from his family. The kids are on their devices (he paid for), not paying him any attention. His teenage daughter treats her bird chest boyfriend with more respect than she gives her father. The wife is on tiktok shaking her a** for likes. The dog doesn't even respect him... why should the dog respect such an exertedly weak pathetic man?

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