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Bob's Burgers is so disappointing these days

The first few Seasons were hilarious and I loved the characters. I didn't like the first episode though, it actually put me to sleep. So one night when I was having trouble sleeping, I put on the second episode but I ended up loving it and then I stayed up watching more, so... that plan didn't really work out 馃槄

But these days the episodes are rarely funny, maybe they'll have a few humourous moments but that's about it. Humour is subjective but this is a show that used to make me laugh out loud every episode.
This is about more than just the humour, though.
Along with it, the characters and storylines are all comparatively bland.
Bob's Burgers, a show that used to be so full of life and character, wasn't afraid to take risks and be different, has become something that's just so... safe and easily consumable.

The quality of the show today is disappointing to me for 2 reasons, one being that I keep hoping that it will get better again.
I used to think the show was a better fit for Adult Swim, since the humour wasn't meant for kids, it had the look of something you'd expect to find on there and the fact that Loren bouchard has had numourous Adult Swim shows in the past, it really seemed like the perfect fit. Not anymore, though.

I think it's time I just give up on it. It has long since lost its edge and the people working on it are showing no signs of sharpening it again.
I might still watch it but without the hopefulness. And hey, if it does get better again, it'll be an awesome surprise.
Dan19326-30, M
Really? 'Cause I watched the first episode and I didnt like it much. Also I had no idea they still make episodes.
Redstar36-40, M
@Dan193 Yeah, I mean like I said, that first episode put me to sleep. But then it was good after that, for a while. It's on Season 13 now and even had a mediocre movie.
I think this is one of those things where the show is already well past its prime but they keep making it anyway.
Dan19326-30, M
@Redstar yeah pretty much like everything else, only a few shows can still pull good stuff after 10 seasons.
Redstar36-40, M
@Dan193 True.
thepropulsivepanda31-35, M
Agreed. This past season especially had some reeeeaallly bland episodes.
Redstar36-40, M
@thepropulsivepanda Yeah. This season has definitely been one of the worst. It's the first time there was an episode I couldn't bring myself to finish cause it was so boring. Normally on the [i]really [/i]bad episode I think I'm half way through so I might as well finish it and skipping it might mean missing out on a rare great joke. But I just couldn't bring myself to care with that one.

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