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Gonna try out Blue Steel

I was getting into reading this out loud in a sly energetic manner, but dad wanted to hear Djokovich the tennis player speak, well HIS LOSS, carry me away police action thriller!!!

Action auteur Kathryn Bigelow renders this sleek and stylish police thriller with almost painterly abstraction. Day one on the force, and rookie cop Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis) faces suspension for shooting an allegedly unarmed man—and then the bodies start piling up, ostensibly killed with her gun. Shot through with a palpable, danger-at-every-turn sense of unease, BLUE STEEL is a fascinating blend of art-house aesthetics, psychosexual implication, and unfiltered action.


off to a good start, it seems smart, which was not what Eden Lake was, but Julia was, that was amazing, if Blue Steel is even half as smart as that it'll be great

she needed more training, shot a robber, walked right past the gun that flew out of his hands, bearded fellow who's lying on the floor grabs the gun, if she is gonna be framed into having shot an unarmed man like the description says, it's gonna annoy the sheet out of me, i hate it when characters are falsely accused of something, grrrrr

yep bearded guy gets away with the gun the robber had, ergo the robber was unarmed, grrrr


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