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Film Journal #1

I'm not going to use Letterboxd anymore, and will use SW and this space to keep track of what i watch, which will be 2 or less nights per week. It will be about 2 hours till i can begin my night of visual delight, but i have to begin my commitment prior to it, and dedicate it to my statue-esque collection, now pulseless. I must say however that if there should come an amazing box set, like a complete films of Fassbinder i [b][i]will[/i][/b] get such things. Without having counted them, i think i have around 3,000 films on DVD and Blu-ray. (not including short films) What i watch from hereon will be numbered, none of LB's comely bells and whistles will streamline my statistics, it will be all homegrown, and thus more personalized. Out of those 3,000 i think around 100 haven't been seen before, and out of that 100 roughly 50 might be good, the rest on crappy editions oh and lots on discs i've totally mistreated like those mill creek discs which have awful quality. This will also begin a spooky season thang, so if you like horror and bleak stuff, maybe i'll include things you'd be interested. For buying and adding to my collection as stated above the necessary detail would be an exhaustive collection of a director i love or have been intrigued by, along with Fassbinder, i'd also love to see a complete set of his cohort, Werner Schroeter. I also want to cement into the arena of public knowledge of me that i do not intend to upgrade anything so as to stream or watch in ultra high definition, if such a thing occurs, i will surely blast off about it here like a broken record on volume notch eleven.

EVERYTHING i watch will be included here, even things LB wouldn't include, so then i shall now as i think of it include episodes, why not group it all together? Now that the collection is more or less completed, now is the time i can fully apprehend what was gotten, when it was alive i was always thinking about what would be next, not anymore kind readers, .... not anymore.

sit back, return, see what's been added, but it doesn't matter, like a monastic freak, i shall busy myself on this post more than any other, twice or maybe sometimes more a week, i dunno i always change my mind, whenever i share from the heart i seem to awaken the prayer warrior in those receiving such information, i know most of y'all aren't like that, and thank you, i appreciate not knowing of popping into any intercessory programmes.

September 13

1. Fando y Lis - this Jodorowsky film holds a special place in my heart, iconically strange and avant garde, lovely soundtrack, some disturbing stuff, a guy and his handicapped gal set off for Tar, in a rough landscape meeting weird people. A dark fantasy.

2. Nosferatu - Werner Herzog, this was the first arthouse film i ever got, now in the BFI set, i got this shortly before getting Blu-rays, it would have looked glorious in HD, oh well. Looks ok as is.

September 15

3. Out of the Past - here begins my film noir fest, this looked realsweet for a dvd, as all these films here i'm watching them mostly for the first time on the good tv, infinitely better than the old tv. It's funny ya dig, what i like most in this movie is the credits, how stylish they are, .... but also the dialogue, and Mitchum. The story kinda ice skates around my noggin.








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