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American bad ass - Undertaker - He is back!

Undertaker vs Aj style ended!
Phenom defeated phenomenal one! Yay! Wrestlemania 36
Bone yard Match!
Viper · M
He didn't defeat the phenomenal one, he buried him, both physically and theoretically... as it was basically either a 12 on 1 (if you go be sheer people), or a 3 on 1 (if you go by wrestlers)... and Taker (as the 1) completely and totally dominated.

Awesome movie match... but WWE is largely wasting AJ Styles talents, and completely and totally wasting Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows... as they should be a serious threat to the tag team titles at any point, and basically jobbers.
Viper · M
@DevilCalling Yes, it was also done because Vince McMahon is still calling the shots and living in the past... he has completely failed to build up new talents, even when they're basically given to him.

Both Cena and Taker trash talking got complaints about them saying there used to be more stars, but that's completely true. Taker was right, WWE has completely failed at building new stars... and taking old talent and completely destoring and burying them like this is why.

Yeah, I was completely shocked they didn't really have Styles use his legs AT ALL... no kicks, no jumping off stuff... he was trying to out upper body muscle a much better man, which goes completely against his normal style.

For this match, I was alright with Anderson and Gallows stuff, but in general, on the weekly shows, they're basically useless jobbers... when they should be a big threat.
DevilCalling · 22-25, M
@Viper Now Drew mc entyr defeated lesner in just few kicks... WTF!
Why they didn't both a good fight to match so people get some entertainment!
I know they want make new stars as big like old one but roman reign last match with lesner was much better than this wrestlemania 36 match! Same way Goldberg vs stroman was worst match!

Poor script writers ruined wrestlemania 36...Already corona virus is Ruining everything!
Viper · M
@DevilCalling I don't think that's the script writers, as much as either Vince or the wrestlers.

It's thought that Bill Goldberg (like the Undertaker), need shorter matches as they're well past their prime. So I honestly expected something like that, though not quite that bad.

As for Drew and Lesnar, there is no excuse for that, except someone got lazy or unimaginative. My guess that was either Vince or Brock's idea.
Zonuss · 41-45, M
Yes it was awesome. It's about time.
DevilCalling · 22-25, M
@Zonuss Yes, it is good to see him in that look again!
20 min video was good enough!
Torsten · 36-40, M
Torsten · 36-40, M
@DevilCalling yep, rather watch real sport or even AEW instead of that trash
DevilCalling · 22-25, M
@Torsten i watch, AEW, Impact, MMA wrestling, UFC,WWE....
I watch wwe just for entertainment as they are doing it to entertain people, and i believe one should appreciate their efforts instead of criticizing them!
Torsten · 36-40, M
@DevilCalling most things on tv are put out for entertainment. Should no one ever get to criticize anything that is apparently for entertainment? no because that is just stupid

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