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Why am I instantly in a horrible mood that can't be turned around whenever I'm at a specific place?

There's a certain place I've never liked from day one, and I can't explain exactly why. Even before I met a group of people I didn't like there, I just didn't like it. I got dragged there by family for years growing up and hated every moment spent there.

Unfortunately, it is now owned by family and I have no choice but to visit if I want to see them, even though I hate it. I want nothing to do with the people there (different ones from the ones I met) and can't help but find them grating (and they do seem to be a bit clingy and interrupt a lot), and I still hate the place. Every time I enter it, I'm instantly in a very bad mood and can't seem to pull myself out of it. I immediately feel better once I leave.

Now, having a bad time there is pretty much a self-fulfilling prophecy, but it doesn't seem to matter how much I try to show up with a positive attitude or otherwise try to prevent the mood change. It still creeps up on me.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this? Is it just an association with bad memories, or what? I've never felt this strongly about any other place before, even though there are others I don't have fond memories of, like the schools I attended, or a former workplace. This one in particular has a very strong negative effect on me.
iamnikki · 31-35, F
Only thing I can relate it to is certain jobs and a certain family member.
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