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What do you do when you’re in a bad mood?

I like to watch the ship going down in Titanic part.
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AnthroKenji · 36-40, M
@nightjourney Yeah, idk why it makes me calm down. Might be undealt with army issues.
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AnthroKenji · 36-40, M
@nightjourney Yeah for 7 years, was a good time. Learned a lot. Wouldn’t do things differently.
alan20 · M
Very little. Maybe play one or two silly games or watch couples travelling about in camper vans on YouTube wishing it was me. Occasionally write things here but that's dangerous; I'm liable to be stupid or misunderstood.
I sit by myself and try to let it pass.
Maybe watch something if I feel up to it to just distract from the weight of it in the moment.
Sometimes I come to SW but I think that is a bad idea.
I go very silent because I get lost in my head looking for the right way to go.
I listend to modest Mouse, the view, on repeat.
It helps me find that reasonable place.

assemblingaknob · 26-30, F
I fight everyone off
Boleuskas · M
Go to the gym
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