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I Am a Hypochondriac

I always think I'm dying. I have bad anxiety so when I feel something is wrong I blow it out of proportion. I've spent way too much unnecessary time and money in ERs and seeing doctors about problems that are in my head.
es0tericus · 26-30
Maybe you're going to the wrong doctors..
It seems like a thought pattern rather than an actual illness.
Try seeing a psych?
Simoneh2017 · 26-30, F
Yeah I just have anxiety. Every time I go they just say it was an anxiety attack but they always do test to make sure it's nothing else
I hope with time , you learn how to control your anxiety . Stay away from medical shows .
Simoneh2017 · 26-30, F
yeah, I'm just an anxious person. It's getting worse the older I get I feel, but I can hide it easily. Yeah the only medical show I watch is Grey's Anatomy 😐
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Goralski · 51-55, M
You dont look well

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