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How to stop being a hypochondriac?

Any other hypochondriacs out there? I’m always so paranoid for my health. Day in and day out. It really bugs me sometimes because I’m constantly living in fear and that’s just not a way to live. The littlest tingle, ache, pain, itch, bruise, etc. can throw off my entire day. “Uh oh I better keep an eye on that. I hope it’s not a blood clot/cancer/high blood pressure/heart attack, etc.”


“wow this arm feels heavier that my other arm today but I can’t seem to remember what I did to make it feel like that.”

“This leg looks a little different than my other leg. I feel a little bit of a twitch I hope it’s not a blood clot forming.”

“My head is pounding I hope I don’t have an aneurism in the next 24 hours.”

One of my downsides is that I always pay attention to detail. Even if there’s barely anything there, I take it and snowball it.

Right now I found this small dot on my arm that I noticed yesterday or today. kinda looks darker brown. like a bruise! Except it’s weirdly small so how would I even bruised myself that small and on the inside of my arm? Awkward place and size...but that’s just what’s prompted me to type this whole thing out. I’m starting to worry again.

Every time I begin to think about my inevitable death, I’m always thinking that it’s because I deserve it. I always imagine the worst case scenarios because...well, that’s the outcome that I deserve, right? Or I’ll be paranoid that some higher power or “god” is watching me and I have to be punished for not being good enough. Or as I’m just starting to be comfortable and content with my life, right when I start to be happy, I’m gonna be struck with some fate related punishment. Because that contentment isn’t what I deserve.

Now, I understand that these are personal issues that I might seek therapy for. And I want to when I’m back to work...but until then, do any other hypochondriac’s have any coping methods or advice??? Would be greatly appreciated.
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Not to such extremes but I have episodes of weird symptoms that scare me more than they should and I generally watch myself more than it's healthy due to real health problems I had in childhood and puberty. Lately I wonder if I have some mental illness that got to the level when it starts to demonstrate itself physically. Usually I calm myself by saying it could be just my poor posture, lack of physical activity and cervical spine problems. Two years ago I couldn't breathe properly for 3 months and felt a knot in my throat after a mild viral infection. The breathing problems usually appeared after long walks. Objectively there was nothing wrong with me but one doctor told me that sometimes spasms develop on thorax muscles which cause tightness in your chest. My conclusion was that I had wrong exercising habits that together with emotional stress caused these muscle spasms. It vanished shortly after I changed my lifestyle due to a new job. I don't have a daily job now and feel as if my body got cranky again. With covid-19 it gets interesting. 😆 I overcame a mild viral infection again and have a dry cough now. So far I'm still thinking it's just the same old nerve irritability. 😬
VirginMatchmaker · 46-50, M
Omg you have to try and live your life regardless if you have or have no issues. Worrying constantly about every little thing will make you paranoid.
I've got shut loads of health issues and sometimes they've freaked me out. But the general rule of thumb is to not let them rule me and ruin my life.
Similarly I think you need to not let your thoughts rule you. Easier said than done but still very possible. Possibly get Mindfulness to help your mind. There's lots of Mindfulness videos on YouTube.
Nebula · 41-45, F
The stress of worrying so much will give you legit health issues.
Sb356 · 26-30, F
**sigghh*** I know... I’ve thought about that too... @Nebula
Nebula · 41-45, F
@Sb356 I have anxiety and I thought I had brain tumirs, lymphoma all sorts of stuff. You just gotta come to terms that we all die eventually and that's ok.

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