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I Am a Hypochondriac

I am so bad that as soon as I have an unusual ache or pain I do the worst thing anyone could possibly do. I Google it. Bearing in mind that it always comes up with the worst possible results ever. Have chest pain? You're having a heart attack. Numbness in your arm? It's not cut circulation, it's a stroke. Irregular periods? You have ovarian cancer.
Every time, obviously I don't think I have any of those things. But I've panicked myself so much due to this because I'm such a hypochondriac...
You'd be amazed how many people have exactly the same thoughts, especially amongst us nurses. It is not being a hypochondriac at all - a hypochondriac would actually be going to the doctor or hospital and wanting treatment every time it happened. That chest pain that most of us know and have thought - Oh no - heart attack - once it's happened more than once or twice, you realise it's more a fear that there is a chance that one day this sort of pain will be a heart attack and how scary this would be. I'm not sure if this is actually true but have heard that if you ever really do start having a heart attack - and those that have say there's not a shred of doubt when you really do - force yourself to cough repaetedly as violently as you can - apparently this can force the heart to contract and maintain enough of a blood flow to keep you concious til help arrives - I might goggle that to see if it is true.

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