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Knowing it helped me changed

I was cearly autistic as a kid but no one really knew what autism looked like except for the stereotypes. It was more then just being a little awkward and different. No, i was one of the the weirdest, most annoying real life lolcow you would ever meet. I said the most shocking things and had no social clues about anything and didnt care about how i looked, acted or presented myself. I could not hold my weirdness back ever. But at 16 when I realized i dont think like other people and finally understood what autism ment my first results was to cut off everyone and shut up, then i couldnt make a fool of myself that only worked for school i didnt know how to be someone else at home so my behaviors really didnt change not until the last year have i considered myself normal functioning and it took a lot to get there. After growing out of alot of sensory issues, learning social clues until they are natural, and learning to be able to maintain my life. Well i can say autism doesnt feel like a curse anymore it doesnt feel like anything im me and the people around me like me for me.
Jeffrey52 · 51-55, M
When I was a kid growing up in the 70’s I was quiet, speech impediment, went to the doctors from ages 6 to 10 they didn’t know what was wrong so they diagnosed me with aphasia. Went to speech classes in school from kindergarten to freshman year in high school. When I was 30 something happened I was rushed to the ER doctor asked me how long have you been autistic and how long have you been on social security I said “I’m not autistic I have aphasia and I never been on social security. He said you were diagnosed wrong.
Anthony452 · 31-35, M
My autism is relatively mild, but when I was diagnosed in high school it explained a lot about my behavior as a kid. I'm glad it no longer feels like a negative thing for you. It's hard to get to the point for many.

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