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I Hope A Cure For Alzheimers Is Found In My Lifetime

I hope so. I really hate this disease, it's the worst in existence. I think it's one of the few diseases that's worse for the people around, although it doesn't cause physical pain for the patient it causes all kinds of pain for friends and relatives of the sufferer as they watch their loved relative slowly fade away into a hollow she'll of their former selves. I was singing at a dementia care home and this poor man started crying, saying how he hadn't seen his parents for 4 weeks. Obviously his parents are long since dead, so I think in his mind he has been taken back to being evacuated into the countryside (during WW2) and that's where and when he thought he was. It's heart breaking to see all of these elderly people reduced to a childlike state. They're like overgrown orphans, and there's nothing you can do or say to comfort them or help them.
BlueVeins · 22-25
Yeah, it's definitely up there in awfulness. Stone man syndrome is pretty bad, so I guess I'll put that on the dandelion before you blow it away. So sad, the ways humans are deprived of their natural inheritance.
hami1091 · 41-45, F
I wish so too but unfortunately don't think so. I disagree it does cause them physical pain because it makes them act in certain ways like when Grangran slaps her head. It also causes them so much mental anguish which makes Grangran scream out numbers before slapping her head as she tries to remember what she never will again. One day she will forget to swallow and likely get aspiration pneumonia and slip away from us. She yells in pain when we touch her. The poor man you described is suffering needing his parents. Grangran also cries for hers most of the day. Alzheimers is horrible for everyone the person suffering and their entire family.
midnightsun · 26-30, M
I thought Alzheimers is actually a good thing on old people until I realized my cousin's grandma has Alzheimers. I first hand saw how she's living her life.

Sorry to say but we won't find cure to it in our lifetime. Best memory enhancer we have at this moment is a nicotine extract but nicotine is a "taboo" thing in society because it's linked to cigarettes.(actually nicotine is safer and less addictive than caffeine.)

On the positive side, we will solve cancer I our lifetime 😊.

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