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I Know Someone With Alzheimer's

Im curious, how many people on here know someone who has or is struggling with alzheimer's? Both of my grandmothers have alzheimer's and it just seems to get worse and worse everytime i try and visit with her. One of my grandmothers can no longer remember who i am im a stranger to her breaks my heart because i was so close to her. They both get so fixated on one person and they focus all of there negative thoughts and emotions on this one person on there bad days. I know im rambling but im curious to learn more about others experience with alzheimer's. So feel free to message me your storys and experiences id love to learn more about your experience with it so i can better prepare myself for what else is to come. I have tried to do research of it on my own but most of what i found was psychological research and focused on society's affect on the development process of alzheimer's and the brain changes that occurs from it.
saintsong · 41-45, F
My great grandmother had it, but she was a sweet soul, I don't remember much about it except for one day when I was walking her down the street she stopped in the middle of the road and looked at me like who are you? She passed away when I was a teenager.
Myzery · 41-45, F
My Grandfather and a Great Uncle (maternal grandmother's brother) that same grandmother's sister might have it too.
My grandmother and mother had some other kind of dementia...but doctors called it the same. 😒
Justpeaceandlove · 61-69, F
My twins went through that with their grandmother. They took it as something they couldn't understand but excepted it. She had passed away last year. They try and accept life as it is and learn what they can to understand.
FORMERLYbatovn · 56-60, M
my mother in law died from complications of it

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