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I Have Adhd

i have it all my life
It's ok people with disorders like this are no different than anyone else just take your medications as prescribed and if anyone trys to pick on you or give you a hard time about it just pay no attention to them
th3r0n · 36-40, M
I had ADHD, until I had been praying a lot one day and looked inside my mind to see what was wrong.

I couldn't fix what I found, but I reached out to the holy spirit of God and I was healed
TexChik · F
Awww! Adderal ?
TexChik · F
@kendal07 might ask about the XR formulation ... my son does better on it
kendal07 · F
@TexChik ok i will askmy mom
TexChik · F
@kendal07 that way you won’t feel that drop off after school
Mikemcneil · 56-60, M
Do you take meds?
kendal07 · F
@Mikemcneil yes in the morning and after school
Mikemcneil · 56-60, M
Do they help you with your condition?
kendal07 · F
@Mikemcneil yes i think so
hunter2016 · 22-25, M
Me too! Haha find it helps you as much as it's annoying in life
JP1119 · 31-35, M
Me too, but I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 20.
So many have it . Wish you the best
So you have it mostly under control?
justfun · 56-60, M
How do you deal with if
spikem · M
do you do ok with it?
Do you take meds
marciamom · F
Hi! I messaged you

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