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I Suffer From Adhd

I hate having adhd... had it since I was 8 years old can’t focus or sit still for one minute also it gets me into a lot of trouble
DreamCoCreators · 31-35, M
Ever thought of going dairy and gluten free? Growing body of evidence around it, honestly not looked at it closely myself but know people who have. There's a shed load of bad in dairy, but I don't know why gluten might be bad but apparently it may help u. It's easier than its ever been before, just means a lifestyle shift.
Pineapple · 90-99, F
i have ADD so i feel ya. it can get in the way of adulting
PatriotsJax18 · 18-21, M
@Pineapple yes I am 18 so I can’t even imagine as I keep getting older not to mention the meds where off by 3 or 4 in afternoon
Tobeornottobe · 22-25, F
Have you tried medicine? It sucks but their is help out there.
PatriotsJax18 · 18-21, M
Yes I am on medicine@Tobeornottobe
what trouble do you get into ?
PatriotsJax18 · 18-21, M
I just loose focus after medication wears off and completely loose track of time @waleskinder or what I am supposed to be doing
@PatriotsJax18 do you go off the rails and break stuff or just space out?
Bluesky53 · 56-60, M
same here,i cant multi task,i get out of focus real easy,,,,

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