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Stupid people that didn’t deserve my tine

One more on my list. My ex-best friend. She used me for everything, I was an emotional support, a financial support, a relationship support, you name it I was there…
The second I need someone, she becomes a ghost 👻
If she meets a scummy guy, I get ghosted again and again until it ends, which it always did because she were trash
I been stood up, ignored and my personal shit been ignored in favour of her own BS

Now she claiming BS over social media problems and misinterpreted stuff that wasn’t anywhere near as bad as she made out - so I get blocked by HER royal highness

She a jerk and never learned in 5 years of friendship, she won’t get a friend like me again! My heart is too big for a lil girl like her 😊

Thanks ex-bestie for blocking me, saved me the trouble I guess!
RedGrizzly · 26-30, F
Jee wiz, I feel you on that. My ex bestie was an entitled and abusive user. Very much like your former friend there with the attitude. Instead of ghosting me when she met her 10th guy she's using that week, it was, "Red! Take care of my kid because I'm going on a date and I want time alone (this was every day mind you. Her baby started calling ME mama), I need money, fix this, do that, I hate your dog so get rid of him, why aren't you on the Live 360 app so I can track every second of your life and use you even more." And so help me God when she got pissed was verbal abuse and emotionally draining. All of what I put really happened and was said...but it gets worse. I was walking on egg shells with her and I was supposed to get up on my feet from a previous abusive relationship. Couldn't do that because I was basically her slave at that point, and she was my master or warden. I couldn't even go to the store or do anything outside of work without her getting impatient...only for me to be her personal slave, nanny, and ATM. It was a borderline enslavement until it was....when I snuck out of the apartment with my things because I coordinated with my family an escape plan, they found out hours later I left. Her and her sister (who was just as bad as she is, if not worse) went on a headhunt to find me. I got so many threats. They wanted to kick my ass and take me back... It was dangerous. Personally, I'd lay them out but given she has a kid I adore the better thing was to sneak out.

Sad thing is there was a mutual friend of ours that also lived there in that situation. When he left to his parents house some time before all this, she had sent her fuckboys over to try to fight him. Those idiots found out she was using them as much as she was using us... it's just he was too afraid to leave. I may have not been trafficked but it's because I was already "owned" by them. Slavery is real. But anyways, I'm glad you left that shithead before it got any worse or you getting too hurt by her selfishness.

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