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Im so tired.

Hi im Sam and i am struggling with depression, social anxiety,anger issues, trust issues and they are getting worse and my mentel health is also gettinf worse i don't have anyone to vent to or i do but im to scared to vent bc they might spread it even tho they won't! I have an ex bsf since grade 1 and u got my trust issues from her.!!! :) and lately a lot of people are backstabbing me and lieing to me!!! And i want to end my life but i also don't want to i didn't do anything to the people who are backstabbing me and i have had enough if we graduate to the next grade i need new classmates they are to dangerous for my life i wanted to end my life bc of my family,classmates and they keep on backstabbing me and i can't tell this to my parents bc they won't take my side bc they don't want timo fight bc they are to busy with work and that's okay! But my mentel health is getting worse and worse i just can't vent to anyone right now and i am currently crying while typing this i think that everybody is backstabbing me or either acting like my friend and being a plastic friend to me:) i would wanna end my life to start a new one but no i can't idk why thank you for reading:)
Ruru2006 · 16-17, F
Hi Sam I’m so sorry to hear this I can’t imagine how hard this is for you your feelings are valid I understand how hard it is to have no one to talk to about your issues but even if I’m just a random stranger I am hear to listen and if you want we can be friends!! About the people talking about you believe me they are not worth your time I know how hard it is because I personally suffered from this let me tell you something my cousin I gave her everything she lived in my home for years I gave her my clothes my makeup my everything I was so nice to her but she always talked behind my back for no reason and she’s always making rumours and she hurted me a lot and I realised that even if you give someone everything if that person is bad nothing will change him my advice to you is ignore and drop the people that talk about u they don’t deserve your time
Ruru2006 · 16-17, F
And I know how hard life can be but remember nothing lasts forever sadness doesn’t last forever happiness doesn’t last forever even we don’t last forever I want you to try and to enjoy every moment of your life because it will end before you know it

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