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What are the odds of changing a theorical approach in therapy?

I've been in therapy for quite a while now but I'm not sure it's still being effective. My therapist is supported by psychoanalysis, but I've a few talks outside our sessions about cognitive behavioral therapy and it made me think it'd be a better approach for me now, but I'm unsure whether or not change my therapist. We've build a solid and kind relationship and I've noticed so many improvements in my personal life since, but maybe it's time to follow another road for my personal growth.
Psychoanalysis is a very slow and long process. Taking years. It’s not for everyone. Depending on the issues there is probably a better fit. Stuff like EMDR, nervous system regulation tends to get quicker results
revenant · F
If you feel you ought to follow other roads then do it. It is your life, your time and your money after all. There is no one size fits all and no diktats set in some emerald stone.
My psychiatrist changed me to a different therapist when he said I needed a different type
Cosmicmicrowave · 18-21, M
if it makes you better then do it, if not then don't but this is just my advice take it with a grain of salt
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I'm no therapist, so I'm definitely not qualified to tell you which therapy is best. I have no idea what your mental health problems might be, but I have had CBT for my OCD and depression and it definitely works.

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