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How did you meet your soulmate?

Has anything ever happened that made you believe you'd met your soulmate? What exactly happened that made you aware you had just met your soulmate? What is the story of how you met your soulmate? Have you ever met your soulmate at an early age? Have you ever met a soulmate on a dating app? Have you ever dated someone you met on holiday? Have you ever fallen in love with someone while traveling? What happened afterwards? Have you ever traveled internationally for love? Girls, have you ever fallen in love with an unknown man sitting next to you while you were traveling on a plane? How was your experience(s) when you fell in love with someone while traveling? Have you ever made someone fall hard and deeply in love with you? What made you fall in love with someone you were not initially interested in? How did you understand that a woman was falling hard for you? How did you meet your soulmate after multiple breakups? How long did it take for you to wait for your soulmate? How did you meet your soulmate? Was it worth the wait? Do we really have a soulmate? How do we know when we've found one? We have all the signs of soulmate/twin flame. We know without a doubt we are at least soulmates. What is one thing that twin flames have that soulmates don’t? Is it possible for your soul-mate to hurt and break your heart? Is it possible to feel the emotions of your soul mate when you are apart? How do you feel around your soulmate? How will you know your soulmate at first glance? Have you ever met a person who you believed to be your soulmate and lost them? Does everybody have a soulmate? Why do some people find love and others don't? When did you realise that true love doesn't exist? How do you survive a breakup with a soulmate? What does it feel like to meet and lose your soulmate shortly afterwards?
Menetics · 22-25, F
Still searching.
@Menetics We are so many out there looking for our perfect match and our perfect soulmate to come along in our life. The thing is, it can takes entire months, entire years and we have to show and cultivate patience in order to find the right one for us. I was fortunate enough to have known my first love when I was 23 years old. To all those who went through a bad break up I know that things can be really rough especially if you had your heartbroken recently, no amount of "move on" he/she isn't worth it talk is gonna help you unless you're willing to accept the fact that he/she has left you and gave up on you whatever the reason maybe. Trust me when I say that it's gonna be really hard to move on because I have also experienced my fair share of heartbreaks especially if the person you considered to be the love of your life left you for someone else, it totally shatters your self esteem and self worth and you start questioning yourself but trust me questioning yourself and wondering what you did wrong is just gonna make your healing process harder and longer. Accept the fact that they discarded you and to them you weren't worthy enough to fight over. That's the harsh truth. Focus on yourselves, and don't mess up your health over someone, it just isn't worth it. Instead start doing the things that you love, take it one step at a time, try to figure out the bad habits that you had and fix it, strive to become the best version of yourselves, go to the gym workout , stay in the best shape and health you possibly can that's the best revenge you can possibly dish out. Stay strong guys, we can do it. There’s no soulmate or perfect person for you, and accepting this opens you up to the possibility of happiness
After having been through multiple failed relationships and romantic interests that didn’t work out, I have learned this. Each time think, wow this guy is great and we’re so great together! With every disappointment I see the death of the potential that was there. My most recent ex was my best relationship and he ticked off literally all the boxes of what I was looking for, even the things that were preferences more than dealbreakers. I saw his flaws but felt we were a close to perfect match.
Sadly, he broke up with me because he didn’t feel that way even though he admitted that I was amazing and it would be hard for him to find someone as great as me. I wondered how long it would be until I could find someone who met so many of my standards. I had been single for 3 years before finding him!
I let the idea of him and our relationship go. It took some time, but I did finally let go. I have since met a few different guys that I’ve felt truly attracted to, and it was nice remembering that there are other people out there that can also be good for me. I’m now seeing a guy who meets a lot of my standards as well and even more. I don’t compare him to my ex because my ex doesn’t matter at this point. All I care about is if this guy is compatible with me and whether he has the qualities I’m looking for in a partner. So far he does and I’m really happy to be moving forward with someone else. Maybe this won’t work out, who knows? I’m feeling optimistic, though! And speaking to happy old couples helps to remind me that loving, lasting relationships are out there. Don’t let a dead relationship keep you from finding happiness. Saw this article about INFJ where it says INFJs look for their soulmates. Since INFJs are highly intuitive, we end up with one-sided relationships or doesn't enter relationships at all. So when we 'clicked' onto someone, there's this underlying connection or spark where you feel deeply connected to them and that situation is very rare because we're rare types so that could be considered as a miracle aka soulmates.
My infj friend told me she felt that spark and I never did but I believe I have soulmate out there who will understand me someday.. or not lol. Do you think you have soulmates or do you look for your soulmates? To those who are single, what do you think your soulmate is doing right now? Where did you meet your soulmate (if you have)? What did you do while “waiting” for your soulmate? I’m manifesting mine and knows his on his way and a general timeframe. However traditional advice on what to do til then isn’t working for me.
Enjoy your time being single! Have fun! Date around!—Dating around is emotionally exhausting. I’m so tired of dating in a time of hookup culture, excessive drinking, ghosting etc. I’ve deleted all my apps and want to delete POF next. And trust me, 5 years of dating I have enough experience.
Focusing on friends— all they wanna do is eat or go out drinking. Both not conducive for my weight loss goals and quite boring. Focus on other areas of life—I can multitask and can’t focus 100% attention on one aspect of life. Im bored of going out and honestly a lot of times enjoy staying home with a corona, tv, and maybe experimenting with cooking. But I don’t want to just do that and isolate myself and miss out on meeting him? I just really don’t know what to do. Stop looking for love! Let it find you! But I want love? And isn’t that like saying “stop looking for your keys! They’ll find you!” Although a lot of times I will find something while looking for something else. If you’ve met your soulmate or twin flame, what worked for you? Can you know your soulmate and choose to be with somebody else? Does that mean the person you left isn’t your soulmate? I feel like I will never find my soulmate
I (23F) am losing hope. I have looked for so long to find the person I want to spend my life with but I haven't met anyone who even comes close to being the person I think and dream about all the time. Now I will say that I have had a few relationships, I learned and grew from them, and had a good time, but in the end they all didn't last for the same reason - I knew they weren't the one. I guess it might just be hard for me to find who I'm looking for because I am very specific about the things I want in a partner and they aren't common combinations. I don't expect them to be perfect or bring more to the table than me, and I can definitely compromise on things that aren't important. It's more like certain things are dealbreakers that probably wouldn't be dealbreakers for other people. I'm just getting so frustrated trying so hard and finding nothing, especially because I know that person exists but I have no idea where to look for them. Guess I'm just gonna have to keep improving myself and making my life better until then. Anyways, that's all. I just needed to vent. Why do I feel this way? I feel like I'm missing my other half, like I'm incomplete. I feel that everything is pointless. 7 years of medications did absolutely nothing in the end. I want love. I want someone that actually understands me. Someone that loves me as much as I love them. If I found him, I'd give everything. I don't understand why I want this imaginary person so bad. I wish I felt happy on my own, I truly do, and I've tried so hard. My family isn't enough. My friends aren't enough. *I'm* not enough. This makes me want to disappear, this makes me feel like I'm not normal.
Menetics · 22-25, F
@KeepYourEyesPeeled I thought my first was going to be my last. I did everything just so that could happen. I don't want to get stuck in the loop of dating people and not having a goal in mind. We lose a piece of ourselves every time we show our vulnerability to someone.

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