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Write me a poem verse? :)

May the best narration win!
I wanna be inspired to write. Give me your best please. Any topic is welcome.
Thevy29 · 41-45, M
[center]When I'm in sober mood, I worry work and think.
When I'm in a drunken mood, I gamble fight and drink.
But when all moods are gone, and the world has come to pass.
I hope they bury me upside, so the world can kiss my ass.[/center]

Okay, its not mine. But it is a favourite.
‘Shakti aur Kshama’ by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar (Strength and Forgiveness)

सच पूछो तो शर में ही
बसती है दीप्ति विनय की
संधिवचन सम्पूज्य उसीका
जिसमे शक्ति विजय की

सहनशीलता, क्षमा, दया को
तभी पूजता जग है
बल का दर्प चमकता उसके
पीछे जब जगमग है

Translation -

Truth be told, it's in the quiver
That lies the gleam of modesty
Only his peace-talk is reputable
Who is capable of victory

Tolerance, forgiveness and clemency
Are respected by the world
Only when the glow of strength
From behind them is unfurled
Lostpoet · M
What one writes is not reality,
but dreams unslept
Sleep, sleep, sleep...
Theandyb · 36-40, M
Roses are red, violets are blue, I like to poo
Read all books in the world
it will not make you wise
Only wise ones are that know
four letter that love comprise

- Saint Kabeer Das

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