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Am I right to be insulted? I feel insulted so this is what loyality gets you huh?

I put my 2 weeks in at my job in favor of a new one. The reason why I am quitting is because I'm sick of my hours getting cut for no reason. I'm sick of going nowhere advancement wise despite my interest and putting in the effort and meeting all of their goals every time to be ignored and passed over for one of their friends. Seriously I've been trying to become a shift manager for nearly a year. Everytime I meet their goals and exceed them oh no the goalposts have been moved and too bad not good enough. I've been working here for several years now. My old managers were great but unfortunately they moved on to different places leaving me with the guys who have their own little clique which nearly all of the store is in except for a few people and I'm one of them. They only seem to want to promote their friends and I've seen a few other good people get passed over for people who legit hired in like 2 months ago.

I got called into the office by my boss to discuss my notice. He said he didn't know any of this was happening and he told me that he looked over my availability and the labor and sees no reason why my hours have been getting cut. He said I'm a hard worker and that he sees the work I do. He didn't want to lose me over a few hours. He also said I have to be scrappy about them and that I have to assert myself more to get more hours. Volunteer to stay over or come in early yadda yadda. His offer to get my to stay was to give me more hours. He said he's not giving me a raise because I have to earn it and that it will feel better for me if I earned it. Um excuse me I've more than earned a raise but ok. As for the promotion he said I'm close and sees no reason why I shouldn't get it. Yeah but you don't know this clique crap because you turn a blind eye to it man.

Needless to say I feel insulted. So my offer to stay is the crap I should have been getting from the beginning as a full time worker but noooo because I'm not liked by the managers much. Yeah no I'm not accepting the offer and I'm leaving when my 2 weeks is up. What really grinded my gears was when I was talking to a coworker I'm friends with who is also not in the clique he was shocked that I've been here as long as I have and hadn't gotten a raise. He was also shocked I didn't get one in my offer. I asked if he got a raise after his first year and he said yeah so his face when he found out I never got one said it all. I am not valued here one bit.

I'm going to be working at a sub shop that's been open for a few years now. The owner is very nice and I guess the only reason there's openings is because a lot of his staff is going off to college. They've all been there since opening 3 years ago. To me that's a very good sign and tells me turnover is low and they get treated well. I feel positive about my new job
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
Sounds like you know the score and called them out on it.
Good for you !
I'd have done the same !
Good luck with your endeavours
sree251 · 41-45, M
@Picklebobble2 I wish I have your tact. You make a good supervisor.
TempuraShrimp · 26-30, M
@Picklebobble2 Im not dumb i see what's going on
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