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A new beginning

Today I get the vaccine. I have mixed feelings about it tbh. Living in California durning the Pandemic or as my bestie says "pandademic" (hehe) has been super hard. We have been pretty much closed up since it all began. Where other countries and states have had small breaks from lockdown, we really have not. Even now things are still pretty closed up. I feel hope though for the first time in a long time that we will start to repair as a community. I am registered as independent and am the type of person to vote for the person not the party. That said our country is in a world of hurt.
I was really happy about the guilty verdict yesterday for George Floyd. (RIP) Maybe that's where some of my optimism comes from today.

I'll post about how I feel after the vaccine so others know if I feel any side effects or have any issues.

akindheart · 61-69, F
that is because you have one of the worst governors in history besides Cuomo
Slade · 51-55, M
[@18045,akindheart] He is a fiend. He can't get to Hell quick enough
akindheart · 61-69, F
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] Cuomo, Newsom or North carolina?
Slade · 51-55, M
[@1195324,Backdoortothesublime] Cuomo. Got blood of thousands on his hands
First 15 hrs after the vaccine and I'm feeling okay. Much better than I expected to. I've had some sore muscles, the site where the injection was is sore as is the arm, tiny headache, very very sleepy and tired, and thirsty. That's about it. I had some nausea initially right after the shot but it passed fairly quickly. I would say it's good to eat beforehand to cancel out that feeling. Just something small though, not a big meal. I get the second dose in three weeks.
I got the vaccine because one of my son's has really bad lungs and asthma. We have all worried terribly about him through this entire thing. He also received it finally. It was SO NICE to see kids going to school today when I left the house this morning. I feel hopeful. I hope we continue to open up and get back to "normalcy" again quick.
Nayla · 51-55, F
I received my first dose on Monday evening. I've had extremely sore muscles and joints as of last night continuing into today. I had a low grade fever all last night. Feeling extremely tired. All side effects from the vaccine
ty for letting me know this...I am prepared for some side effects as I'm a sensitive person and tend to react fast to things like coffee, advil etc and when there are side effect to a drug I usually get the rare ones. I hope you feel better soon. [@506684,DawsonsGrove]
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
With your screen name is it safe to assume you enjoyed Breakfast at Tiffany's and/Audrey Hepburn?
a huge old movie fan here and she is definitely someone I relate to on several levels. Her character in that film is very much like me. Also was kind and graceful and a really good person. Fame never changed her.[@1125727,FlowersNButterflies]
FlowersNButterflies · 61-69, F
I adore her! Watching all her movies now. [@1195491,hollygolightly]
Nanoose · 61-69, M
I get mine today too and I am a little afraid because I haven't had a needle since I was in grade school and had to get my kid shots. Cheers!
Just look away when they do it and blow out like your blowing out candles on a b day cake. I heard the site is extremely sore for a few days. Just fyi[@949238,Nanoose]
YMITheWayIM · 41-45, M
Feel lucky and blessed 🕯️
vetguy1991 · 51-55, M
How did the shot go

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