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I write fetish content professionally

Got any fetish story requests? Feel free to connect
Matt85 · 36-40, M
Old grannies 👩‍🦳
Naww I’m good for now but thank you 🙏 😌
@SW-User thanks for stopping by
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@quietwhispers101 which way? Elder male or female?
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Kodel · 26-30, M
How about a guy who wants to be strangled by a woman but he's too shy to come forth with his desire. Maybe someone he admires learns of his desire and takes it upon themselves to answer his prayer?
@Kodel PM the outline and expected outcome
PhilDeep · 51-55, M
Yes, someone decides to have a conversation with me that isn't about sex. I know that's very freakish but, my I'd love that! That the kind of thing you're looking for if you're running out of your own ideas?
Popobandar1993 · 26-30, M
Yes i have plenty of requests
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Popobandar1993 · 26-30, M
@SensuallyInkedSeduction check your message requests
DeWayfarer · 61-69, M
Read some Piers Anthony for ideas. 😆

The old reprobate was a king of the stuff. Yet still got it published! 😆
will share some of your works with us ?
sourstomach · 36-40
Message me back ♥️
Myself11 · 61-69, M
Foot fetish
samanthaX · 41-45, T
I would love to read any fetish stories you have. I love to know if my friends are into fetishism, I am available to anyone within reason ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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