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I like to go out for a walk without a shirt

Inside my house, I am the only man and I wasn't accustomed to taking off my shirt. Where I live, it's very hot and I sweat a lot. These past few months, when I go out to run errands a bit far from my house, but still within the neighborhood, I take off my shirt. The first time was quite a challenge. I didn't have the courage until I was already on my way back, and it was just a few streets away. But lately, I do it more often. I'm still shy, and what I've been doing is taking it off when the street is empty or behind a car, for example. I haven't dared to just take it off all of a sudden when there are more people around. I always like to find a quiet spot because I wonder what people will say about me, but it's my body and I like myself the way I am. So, I will try to overcome that concern about others. If they look at me and I like it, it gives me confidence. And now, with this community I found last night, I feel a great excitement reading experiences and comments because at some point in my life, I've felt the same. My goal for the next time is to not wear a shirt at all. It sounds intense to me, but I know the experience will be worth it.
This is how I started going shirtless outside when I was younger. I liked doing this when going on a bike ride. I would ride for awhile then find a quiet spot where there weren’t a lot of people and take my shirt off, then keep riding. It was incredibly exciting. As I kept doing this I got more confident and went shirtless more and more and doing different things like driving, going on a walk, etc. I think men should be more comfortable doing being without a shirt outside. It’s really a lifestyle to me now.
kwood1 · 61-69, M
It's always nice to see a young guy without a shirt 😀
ViciDraco · 36-40, M
I grew up in a rural area where men being shirtless outside was normal. It was strange to learn about suburban reservations around male toplessness.
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