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I’m depressed. I tried the whole “nap it off” tactic but now I’ve just lied awake for an hour and I think that venting is probably best.

It doesn’t help that my stomach doesn’t feel well either. Ive been thinking about money. I know some of you are thinking “ Well no wonder you’re depressed. Thinking about money would make most anyone sad.” And you’re right, especially in this economy. Regardless, I’m still thinking about it and I’m thinking that our system is messed up! It needs to change!

Minimum wage. It varies state to state in the USA. I luckily live in a state where minimum wage is $15 an hour, but you could be in another state and getting paid as low as $7 an hour for the same job/tasks. Two of our states pay at the rate of $5 an hour for the same job/tasks. Minimum wage should be the Minimum Wage needed to live a good life. If a person gets paid $15 an hour with No Tips and works 40 hours a week they will have a salary of $28,800 - 20% going to taxes = $23,000 rounded. Here’s the thing though. Minimum wage jobs don’t let you work longer than 6 hours a shift. Typically they get you out the door by hour 5 because they don’t want to give you a 30min break. A minimum wage job is also less likely to schedule you 5 days a week unless you have an in with someone. So if a person earns $15 an hour and only works 5 hours a shift, they definitely need a second job. I’m saying this as a person in general not myself. 2 jobs. Not one! 2 jobs. Some of those jobs will require you to only work for them, that is also an issue. One job should only be necessary to eat and pay rent. Average rent paid by individual rounded in the USA $1000. Average rounded salary in the USA $56,000. $1000 a month is $12,000 deducted from your yearly salary. Not much of a dent for the average, but someone working minimum wage at 40 hours a week: $23,000 - $12,000 = $11,000 that’s more than half! That means that person only has $11,000 to live on for the whole year! It’s sad! They need clothes, they need food, they need toiletries, they need electricity, they need gas to get to the 2 Jobs , or they’re biking/walking which cuts into their time outside of a 40 hour week! Time is precious to anyone! How can you enjoy the things you like outside of work if you don’t have time!? You don’t! $11,000 is not a minimum for a good life! After all the basics $11,000 is gone in a matter of moments. This is in a state with a rate of $15 an hour, the numbers only get lower in comparison to a $7 state which is most of the country! Minimum wage needs to change!
The entire job market and wage system needs to change.

In the ideal world, I'd vote out of the current system and go live in Alaska - but my health isn't up to that life anymore.
Fluffybull · F
Wow, I didn't know different states in the US had different minimum wage levels! 😱

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