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I have a very snotty nose and a cough, could this be Rona?

I didn't get the vaccine because I don't want to be a Guinea pig and also I [i]might[/i] want children one day so I decided not to risk it.

Anyway I'm tall and slim so if it is the virus I should be okay but it's a shame to miss work when I just started.
You think "tall and slim" people don't get Covid badly???? 馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅馃槅
SunnyTheSkeptic26-30, M
[@858854,IndigoSavage] Being slim or overweight isn't a hard line on that, your immune system could be good or bad despite your weight, if a person eats relatively varied food and sleeps well their immune system will be good.
Doomflower36-40, F
[@858854,IndigoSavage] yeah except for the healthy middle aged people who die or the children who are dying. The 8-11 bracket is very vulnerable.
[@858854,IndigoSavage] You can die from it at any age or die anyway as hospitals gets overwhelmed. 3000 deaths per day in this tempo hospitals will go down within a year.
Doomflower36-40, F
Who told you this birth defect stuff? I've been hearing it more lately. It isn't true. If you have coronavirus you could die. The delta variant is dangerous and extremely contagious.
IndigoSavage18-21, F
[@85866,Doomflower] how on earth can you be sure of that. In 5he 60s there was a medication meant to ease pregnancy symptoms and it ended up making all the babies be born with stunted arms and legs. Medical science isn't all its cracked up to be sometimes.
Doomflower36-40, F
[@858854,IndigoSavage] yeah except that we have been vaccinating pregnant people for almost a year and their kids are fine. We aren't seeing birth defects rise like we would if there were a link.

Medical science is the reason the pandemic slowed. It's the reason polio isn't still a big deal.

I hope you are OK but I also hope you get sick enough to learn a lesson.
Doomflower36-40, F
[@858854,IndigoSavage] I will remind you viruses can cause birth defects as well. Remember Zika? Babies being born with freakish little heads.
InfobotLives100+, M
It could be but then it could not be. Do a test, then you'll have a better idea. If you do have it and you get to ten days and you're still ok then you'll likely be fine. It's just a waiting game really.
Doomflower36-40, F
Let me also add something else because just... argh.

People like you are why there is a worsening shortage of medical professionals on all levels. We already never had enough people and people are getting so tired and frustrated from seeing people like you die because they refused the vaccine and caught COVID19 thinking they were healthy and strong and would survive.
IndigoSavage18-21, F
[@85866,Doomflower] I'm doing OK with it so far, it's not that bad, I'll prolly survive ok
JustcallmeNameless31-35, F
Well I'm not old or fat and I got it.
Me too in March 2020.[@585989,JustcallmeNameless]
Get tested ,I wish you the best....and might be the COLD
If you suspect Covid, the only sensible thing for you to do is get tested. And PCR tests are far and away the most reliable tests. Take care of yourself, avoid spreading whatever it is you've caught, and let us know how the test comes out.
SunnyTheSkeptic26-30, M
Well if you're obviously sick I think you'd get in more trouble if you go rather than missing out, at this point all you can do is notify them and explain that you're ill.
GovanDUNNY36-40, M
[@611584,SunnyTheSkeptic] spot on
Leggs46-50, F
[@611584,SunnyTheSkeptic] All she has to do is call in and say she will not be in today. Her health isn't any of their business.

They might ask what is going on but that is silly because then the employee has to lie and the boss has to listen to a lie. I mean generally speaking.

If I were to tell the truth on days I call in, it would sound like this - "That place blows and I just can't today."
My sheronaaaa
why does everyone think the virus will corrupt your dna?? many thingss can probably corrupt your dna. we dont go around living in a bubble.

This article says it doesnt.
JohnnyO36-40, M
Take mucinex to keep it out of your chest , plus vit C, A, D3 , and zinc 鈥 just to be safe
doong51-55, M
I suggest you take that PCR test and wait for the result.
Bklynbadboy1231-35, M
Only one way to find out go get tested
Adstar51-55, M
Get tested.. At lest then if you have it you can take steps to reduce the chance of you spreading it to someone you care about..
covid stands no chance against your sxiness

last I read...they have not yet truly tested the vaccines for reproductive toxicity
GovanDUNNY36-40, M
Work will still be there when your well again

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