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I'm just tired

I've been depressed for years now, and I don't really know what to do anymore. I often considered suicide but that's just a way to run away ig. I can't find a therapist since it's full everywhere. I just want to sleep forever to be honest.
You are so young with so much life ahead of you that is full of opportunities to be happy. Don't despair nor give up on yourself. Don't let depression bury you any deeper. You can climb out of it and you know it. Practice daydreaming daily, visualize a future that you would love to have and focus on just that. Forget the past, use the present wisely and effectively, work hard now to get you the future you want. Praying helps, believe it or not. Be strong and brave and never lose hope. Good luck.
@yoru979 Okay but when you get dark and negative thoughts, reach out and call the helpline SW provides, alright? You're welcome. I wish you strength, happiness and good luck.
yoru979 · 16-17New
@in10RjFox That's not really how it works yk
in10RjFox · M
@yoru979 if you know how it works and can analyse it, it means you are not ailing.

You can simply not be an aspd by doing the opposite.
in10RjFox · M
So many are lonely and are in depression and hence all therapists are engaged and they are now getting mentally deranged. And there are also many quacks online as the demand is simply phenomenal.

But there is a therapist in you where you can heal others whereby you can heal yourself.
Have you tried the help phone?
yoru979 · 16-17New
@Kitsunex No, how does that work?
@yoru979 while on hold remember its probably recording. call again after the call 3nds in 30 minutes. Sometimes an hour.
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Pearbear2 · 22-25, F
Yea whenever I do something that makes me feel better it only lasts for a really short time for me too.. in between those moment though I ✨disassociate✨ @yoru979

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