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My Mental Health

I recently have been feeling off, I have no clue to why I'm like this. I get really mad with my boyfriend and it's over the most stupidest things. For me, he used to be so good to me, he used to love me the way I would love someone. He would put me as his profile picture for all of his social media, he would put me as his background photo on his phone and everything. We had a big argument and I think it changed him, it changed us. I'm more sensitive and attached now and he seems okay to be without me. He got a new phone and he changed. He got a new dog and now it feels like he loves the dog more than he loves me. I'm happy for him but it hurts to see him be more loving with his pet than he is to me. He said I should open up but I don't even know my own feelings and I get really embarrassed to tell him how I feel. I don't feel normal anymore, I hate talking to people and I'm just really drained. But yeah, what's bothering me the most is that it's like he doesn't care about me and/or love me. I love him too much to leave him and I know I will hate myself more if we broke up but he changed and I'm trying my best to accept it but it's a lot. I don't feel loved/worthy of love.
Itsjustsaline · FNew
Hey, I get what your going through that happened to me before I broke up with my boyfriend but let me tell you what I did when we had our really big argument I gave him space for a day then I ask him if he's okay with me venting to him and if he says yes then I tell him everything and how I feel about the argument and if he ever said no then I would write my feelings down in a notebook
2vle1la · 13-15, FNew
@Itsjustsaline I'm grateful we spoke, it was nice to talk to someone.
Itsjustsaline · FNew
@Itsjustsaline I'm glad to help I hope things get better
2vle1la · 13-15, FNew
@Itsjustsaline Thank you! Same goes to you. <3
EPreject · 36-40, F
U need to heal that inner child and u should probably get your hormones checked.

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